How Much Is A Jack? An Easy Guide For Beginners

A car jack ranges from $20 to $500 depending on the type, capacity, and brand. The best idea is to see what is on the market and compare the price.

Type of car jackCapacity (tons)Typical price rangeExample model
Scissor jack1.5-5$10-$50Torin T10152 Steel Scissor Lift Jack Car Kit
Floor jack2-6$50-$200Torin Blackjack B6350 Floor Jack
Transmission jack3-10$100-$500Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack
How Much Is A Jack

What Is The Cost Of A Jack?

The price of a car jack can vary depending on the type of jack, its capacity, and the brand. There are many types of car jacks. A lot of cars have a scissor-jack. These jacks are completely mechanical and can be lifted. You can buy car jacks online or in-store from more than 300 retailers.

Jack For A Car

A car jack can be described as a tool that is used to lift a vehicle off the ground to repair or replace a tire. A car jack can be described as the metal device that is stored in your trunk next to your spare tire. noun. A car jack is used to lift a vehicle.

The Best Car Jacks

Out of hundreds of models, these are the best car jacks. We narrowed the list down to models from Torin Husky, Blackhawk BIG RED, Arcan, and Husky based on our research. Because of its outstanding quality and excellent customer experience, Powerbuilt was named the Best of The Best in our Best Car Jacks section. Because of its quality and value, we chose the Torin to be our Best Bang for the Buck. For more information on the pros and cons of each model, read our complete review.


The compact design can fit in most wheel wells. 4,000lb capacity. The forked lift arm makes it possible to precisely place jack stands. Slow, controlled release of the load. Additional safety is provided by the lock-in-place mechanism Only 6 inches of clearance is required


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For sale is a complete set of Original Jacks and Original Brand New Stock Spanner. The Jacks are in excellent condition and fully functional. They were originally made by Blistein. They can be used for various models, such as W120/W121/W180 Ponton or W100 Pullman, and W186/W188/W189 Adenauer.

Also, the Longer Jack Height Wise is compatible with Volkswagen VW Beetles. Original Volkswagen Beetle Jack also available. It is fully functional and costs 12,000. It was made in Germany.

SCA Vehicle Positioning Hydraulic Jack

You will need the SCA positioning Jacks. These positioning jacks can hold up to 680kg per caster and are made from high-quality steel. These jacks can be used with most cars, 4WDs and light trucks. The jacks wrap around the wheel and clamp the tire from the front to rear until the vehicle is lifted from the ground. These jacks can fit tyres up to 300mm wide. The jack’s pad allows the user to use the mechanism with their foot.


  1. Red powder-coated heavy duty steel construction can support up to 680kg per Jack
  2. To suit wide ranges of vehicles, wide plastic rollers can support tyres with a maximum width of 300mm.
  3. A hydraulic foot-operated hydraulic jack lifts the tyre from the ground by rubbing the legs together.
  4. Four heavy-duty swivel castors are able to roll on flat surfaces easily.
  5. Uses ISO 32 hydraulic Jack oil

Hydraulic Trolley Jack SCA

Without the right tools, it can be difficult to get underneath a vehicle. SCA’s trolley jacks are available in a variety of heights and loads to fit a wide variety of vehicular applications. They are made from thick gauge steel and powder coated with gloss red. They can withstand daily wear and tear, resist corrosion and work fluid contact. The 1400kg jack has two heavy-duty swiveling castors, two fixed wheels and a carry handle for portability.

  1. Red powder-coated steel construction for heavy duty and excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. A long knurled handle gives you a secure grip surface when using it
  3. For easy maneuverability underneath vehicles, swivel castors and black powder coated metal wheels are ideal.
  4. Conforms to the Consumer Goods Safety Standard 2017 (Trolley Jacks).

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