How much does it cost to remake a ring

Any such work’s final cost is deducted from the scrap metal from the original ring mount. The re-made ring is estimated to cost $550 USD, including setting and finishing.
So, how much does it cost to have a ring redesigned?
I’d estimate the cost of the engagement ring redesign to be between $1,000 and $2,000.
Is it possible to pull diamonds out of a ring and replace them with fresh ones? Gems and diamonds from an old piece are frequently reused to create a new one.
You have the option of ordering a new item or incorporating your gem(s) into one of our existing models. This is an excellent service because almost every company requires you to acquire a diamond or gemstone from them in order to purchase a ring.
More than a new off-the-shelf ring would cost.
It’s very likely that your ring isn’t made of solid precious metal. It’s most likely “filled,” so melting it is pointless.
Let’s pretend it’s “pure” silver. (Gold is more difficult, and my soft metal smelting/casting regulations get in the way.)
There are only so many ways to cast a ring for a low price. One is in large quantities. A thousand rings from the same mould. That’s what you get when you go to the store.
How much does it cost to convert an earring into a ring, then?
The cost of converting an earring into a ring ranges from $150 to $500.

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