How much does it cost to plasti dip a car?

The phrase “dipping” refers to the process of coating, painting, or wrapping a vehicle with a common product called Plasti Dip®.
This coating is sprayed directly onto the car and acts as a second skin for your vehicle. It comes as a spray able multi-purpose, air dry, specialty rubber coat.

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You can buy the ingredients and apply Plasti Dip to your own car if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to research and complete the job correctly.
It will assist to protect the original finish while also giving the automobile owner the option to change and/or enhance the current colour.
It can produce a very aesthetically beautiful effect for a very low price if done correctly.
Brett Levin Photography’s “2008 Ford Escape Limited Sport Shoot” (CC BY 2.0)
How much does Plasti Dip® a car cost?
The cost of Plasti Dipping a car is determined by a number of factors. Do you already have the tools you’ll need for the project, such as a particular paint gun?
Do you intend to complete the project on your own?
If not, who will you hire and where will you reside if you do hire a professional?
Finally, regardless of how the process is done, the size of the automobile and the colours you choose will have a significant role in determining the quantity of “dip” required to complete the job.
We got cost information for Plasti Dip application from auto shops in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas, which we list below.
For roughly $300,, for example, includes a complete package with all of the equipment you’ll need.
If you already have the paint gun and all of the necessary equipment, you can get three gallons of paint for approximately $150, which is enough to do the job on a medium-sized automobile.
Prepare to spend $150 to $325 on all supplies for a DIY project. Add $10 to $15 a gallon to the price for a premium colour.
For automobile rims alone, top-selling items on and, for example, will cost around $5 per 11-ounce jar.
Start your search for a store that will apply Plasti Dip on your car by typing “auto shops that Plastic Dip near me” into Google.
When hiring a professional, the costs will vary depending on the geographical location, the vehicle, and the professional you employ, all of which are determined by the criteria listed above.
The average expert job, encompassing the complete car and the rims, would cost between $750 and $1,300, according to the prices we found on the Internet.
AVERAGE professional costs were disclosed.
Average Coupe $499 Compact Car
Mid-Sized Sedan for $525
Sedan (full size)
a compact SUV
Mid-Sized SUV for $625
a full-size SUV for $650
$750 + $250 for rims of any size + $250 for emblems/badges
$40-$60 apiece + $125 for a grill + $150 for a stain finish + $200 for a semi-gloss finish + $250 for a glossy finish + two-tone style
Add micro flake for an extra $100.
For example, one member of this discussion reported that a local shop charged him $1,400 for his Honda Accord.
In an interview with, a local shop owner indicated that the typical cost might be under $600, which is far cheaper than the normal $3,000 car repaint job.
When compared to a paint job, the prices can be significantly lower due to the absence of the sanding process, which is required before any paint work.
On its website, Candy Dipped Cars, a firm in Roanoke, Virginia, published its official charges, which ranged from $600 for a compact car to $750 for a full-sized truck.
Adding a satin or semi-gloss finish might add another $150 to $225 to the price.
According to the official website, Plasti Dip® is an air-dry speciality rubber coating that is referred to as the “original peel able, insulating, non-slip, flexible, and durable coating.”
The company offers a variety of coating options that may be applied to anything from household items to automobiles and can be removed from practically any surface.
Plasti Dip® provides a nice, controlled grip while protecting goods against moisture, abrasion, acids, corrosion, and sliding.
It’s also recognized for being incredibly flexible and capable of stretching over time, with temperatures ranging from -30°F to 200°F having been tested.
Before using, the firm recommends mixing thoroughly in a well-ventilated environment.
To get the greatest results, all surfaces must be free of oils, dirt, wax, loose rust, and grease before using the treatment.
Coats will overlap as they are sprayed at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from the surface, with 10 to 30 minutes between sessions to dry.
For the greatest results and ease of removal, a minimum of five applications is advised, with at least four hours of cure time. Plasti Dip® recommends a dry coating thickness of 10 mils at the very least for best results.

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