How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bumper [Beginners’s Car Guide]

Although they may be a very small portion of a vehicle’s body, bumpers are among the most damaged parts of almost every model. Owners will be bothered by small scratches, dings, and dents no matter how small. Here’s how much it will cost to paint your bumper DIY or by hiring a professional.

DIY bumper painting cost

You can paint your bumper yourself if it has only minor scratches, chips, or scuff marks. You should hire a professional to handle any severe damage, such as cracks or severe dents.

You should be aware that there are some disadvantages to taking on this project yourself.

The bumper will need to be removed and reattached.

A vehicle bumper can be more difficult than painting a wall at home. Most bumpers must be removed completely from the vehicle before you can paint. This requires some manual labor and technical knowledge.

You will need to be secure.

Paint fumes can be inhaled if you paint your bumper in an open area that is well ventilated. To protect yourself, wear protective gear such as goggles or a mask

If you hire a professional, the cost to paint a bumper is approximately $70

It can be cheaper to hire a professional company than do it yourself. You should not drive a car you don’t love. Why? This is why?

To complete the process, you will need to apply the basecoat, enamel, spray paint, or both. Apply a clear enamel coating. Allow for 2-3 days drying. Now you are ready to go. What is the cost of painting a bumper? Paints can cost anywhere from $30 to $60 depending on what brand you choose. The total cost of the paints would range from $60 to $100, as I mentioned previously.

Average Bumper Repaint Cost

Paint your car’s bumper will run you about $500 on average. You can find a lower-end job for $200 to $300, however. This option is not recommended as your bumper may not be correctly colour-matched and the paint job may not last as well.

This is an essential part of the process as it will ensure that the paint matches exactly, even if the factory paint job was the same color. The colour fades as your vehicle ages. It isn’t obvious because the sun fades over time and it affects every part of your vehicle simultaneously.

Proper paint preparation is just as important as the paint. Preparing the surface for painting is often a quick task with an inexpensive paint job. The results speak often for themselves.

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