How much does it cost to build a picnic table? 2024 [$50]

The cost of building a picnic table depends on several factors, but you can expect to spend around:

  • $50 for a basic DIY table using pressure-treated lumber and simple hardware.
  • $150-$250 for a more elaborate design with features like benches, wheels, or unique shapes.
picnic basket on table

a. Cost of Building Materials for a Trellis

A drill is required to build a trellis. Let’s move on to the supplies now! The materials at my Lowes location cost around $89 right now (March 2013). This is how much it would cost to construct it from untreated wood and seal it yourself.

b. Ideal Wood for a Picnic Table

What kind of wood should I use for a picnic table? Softwood woods like Cedar, Redwood, and Douglas fir are all excellent choices that are both weather-resistant and widely available. These are the finest picnic tables materials because they’re light and quite durable. However, for making cutting boards or any other food preparation surface, avoid using pressure-treated wood.

c. Finishing for a Picnic Table

What is the finest finish for a picnic table? If you like the look of the picnic bench’s wood, you may choose to apply three coats of a water-based or oil-based clear sealer. Varnish or polyurethane are being discussed here. Although they have an odor, oil-based products are quite durable.

d. Constructing a 10-Foot Long Picnic Table

How do you make a picnic table that is 10 feet long? Begin by building the legs, utilizing 6 pieces of 2×6 lumber, each 36″ long. The construction of the 12′ picnic table’s legs is initiated, followed by tabletop supports.

e. Spray Painting a Picnic Table

Is it possible to spray paint a picnic table? Yes, you can paint a picnic table with suitable spray paint. For instance, we painted a Little Tikes plastic picnic table with Krylon Plastic Spray. This paint is suitable for use on all outdoor playthings. Consider disassembling, cleaning, drying, and then repainting the table for best results.

f. Standard Dimensions of a Picnic Table

What is the usual size of a picnic table? Although picnic tables can be made to any dimensions, there is a general rule. Tables are typically 30 inches tall and 28 to 34 inches wide, with most standing at 30 inches. Table widths range from 28 to 30 inches, with lengths varying from 6 to 8 feet.

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