How much does it cost to bind a book

The process of joining the pages of a book is known as bookbinding. Bookbinding services have evolved from simple binding to more innovative approaches to make binding easier, as an old art of linking the separate pages of a book into a single volume. Although bookbinding may be done without the assistance of a professional hand, hiring experienced craftsmen or bookbinders is still a good idea to assure high-quality results.

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If you bring your own printed pages to Office Depot, the binding will cost only $3, with a transparent plastic cover costing an extra 50 cents. Forserious. Also, if you deliver an entire PDF document, black and white pages will cost 10 cents each page, plus the $3.50 stated above.

If you’re searching for a less expensive binding project and don’t want to pay more than $10 per book, Kinkos or Staples are good options. Some teachers claimed to have paid only $2.59 per spiral-bound book with less than 100 pages in one ProTeacher forum topic. One member stated that her experience with Staples was unique, since she paid around $14 for 200 pages of thick plastic-covered diaries.

Where can I get a book bound?
Finding local printing firms that can assist you bind a book is one of the quickest solutions if you want to bind a book. Your books may be printed and bound at places like Kinko’s or your local office supply store.

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