How much does it cost to add a tow package

What Does a Towing Package Entail? What Is A Tow Package and How Does It Work? ASK AND ANSWER
Simply said, a tow package is a full combination of everything you’ll need to tow your chosen load reliably and safely. In terms of the equipment and hardware covered, tow packages might vary greatly.

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For example, most aftermarket tow packages are designed to include everything you’ll need to modify your tow vehicle. A factory tow package, on the other hand, can contain the tow vehicle as part of a complete set that is planned, built, and tested primarily for towing. In addition, the installation would cost at least $50. Fifth-wheel hitches range in price from $300 to $2,000. The cost of professional installation for such a hitch ranges from $200 to $500. A new gooseneck trailer hitch ranges in price from $200 to $600.
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What is the purpose of my service trailer braking system being activated? Some cars, for example, have no-drill tow hitch installations, while others require drilling to accommodate the hitch. Hitch installation costs start at roughly $100 and run up to $800. Remember that you’ll need to purchase the tow hitch and other parts separately (which can easily cost another $150–$200).

Is it possible to add a tow package aftermarket?
You can obtain an aftermarket tow package with Class V hitch hardware, but if your truck is only qualified for 2,000 pounds of towing capacity, that’s all you’ll get out of it.

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