How Much Does Curling Stone Cost

Curling Stone Costs How Much

Over $600 is the cost of a single Olympic-certified curling stone. A complete set of 16 stones is worth $9,600. Kays of Scotland has supplied all the stones used in the Olympic Winter Games since 2006. Since 1851, the company has been making curling stones. It’s not easy to make these stones. Kays uses Ailsa Craig granite for every stone it makes. Kays uses Ailsa Craig’s blue hone and common green granites to make its stones. Prices range from $4000 to $7500 depending on style, granite quality and age. A complete set of new rocks will cost between $8500 and $13000.

A Genuine Curling Stone Price

Over $600 is the cost of a single Olympic-certified curling stone. A complete set of 16 stones is worth $9,600. The complete set of 16 stones is worth $9,600. Kays of Scotland has supplied all the Olympic Winter Games’ stone since 2006. Curling Stone new stones cost about $450 but can go up to $600 depending on where they are made and what type of granite it is.

Kays Curling Stones

Our complete Ailsa Craig collection of curling stones has distinctive characteristics due to the molecular composition and resilience of Ailsa Craig Common Green granite.

The best curling stones can only be made from the finest materials. We have harvested 1500 tons of Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite and 220 tons of Ailsa Craig Blue Hone to meet our customers’ needs.

Weighing Curling Stones

The standard weight of regulation stones is 42 pounds. They weigh in at 38 to 44 pounds. It sounds a lot. We know it.

Curlers Make

Professional curlers can earn more than $100,000 per year but most athletes make only $30,000 to $40,000. These athletes are dedicated to their sport and work hard to keep it in good standing. However, most earn between $30,000 and $40,000.

Our craftsmen have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the best granites to use for different parts of the curling stones.

Curling Teams Supply Their Own Stones

Each player in team curling delivers two stones in consecutive order in each End, a round. The opponent alternates with the players. Each team has eight stones, each with the same handle color (red or yellow at World Curling events). These positions are known as Lead, Second and Third.

While Curling, You Touch A Rock.

Touching a moving rock: The line between the tee and the hog lines at the playing ends. If a stone moves, it is immediately removed from play by the team that touched it.

Lights Are Available For Curling Stones

The lights serve as a tracking system for athletes to release the stones before the first hog line. This is the red line at both ends, where both teams must remove the stone. In the sixth end, Stefania Constantini was cited for violating the hogline rules during Team USA’s second match against Italy.

The Lights At The Top Of The Stone When Curling

You will notice that the handles have a pair red and green lights. These lights are used to track athletes and ensure they release the stone before the first line of hogs.

How Long Does A Curling Rock Last?

If taken care of properly, curling stones can last more than ten year. The most common problem with curling stones as they age is their inability to grip the ice. Curling clubs “paper” the stones to fix this problem. Curling clubs will “paper the stones” by using sandpaper on the surface of the stone to give it a better grip and allow it to travel down the ice like one would expect.

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