How Much Does An Advantex Septic System Cost 

What Is The Cost Of An Advantex Septic System Set You Back?

An easy Google search will provide estimations of prices that range between $13,000 and $26,000 for advanced treatment Septic systems. 1. Singulair TNT. $11,079.00. Vendor. 1. AdvanTex AX20. MDE. 1. Advantex AX20. $595.71. 2. Hoot BNR. $11,954.00. Vendor. 2. SeptiTech M400D.Low cost of life makes AdvanTex Treatment Systems your best option for wastewater treatment on-site. All shapes and sizes. This makes for a durable service-friendly, energy-efficient, and easy-to-service system. … The low cost of maintenance makes AdvanTex Treatment Systems your best investment for your work.

Advantages: –

Small footprint – Low energy use / maintenance – Options for Ultraviolet disinfectant increasing reuse options – Remote telemetry can enhance operations/maintenance – Can be raised above ground level – Simple maintenance

The Advantages Of Regulating And Sitting Advantex Treatment

In the majority of states, which includes Idaho and Washington there is a load rate increase for the drainfield system is permissible in the event that AdvanTex(r) treatment has been employed. The increase in loading rates of up to 30% in certain cases is a way to reduce the overall drainfield size, or allows for the treatment in a greater quantity of wastewater within smaller areas. This alone could make the difference between the dream home you’ve always wanted to build or making a compromise because of home size or bedroom number limitations.

In most cases, a vertical reduction is given between the drainfield trench’s bottom and the underlying gravel, water or soil that is impermeable to water in the natural environment.

The Energy Advantex Septic Systems

Pumps usually have less than 1/2 horsepower and are operated for 30 minutes per day. Estimated usage is 14.4-30 kWh/month, with the estimated price of $2.60 to $5.00 per month.

AdvanTex AX20 Mod 3

Wastewater is pumped into a two-chambered septic tank to be treated for primary and sedimentation. A pump located in an additional chamber within the tank pumps the effluent towards the treatment pod AX20, which is then sprayed on the synthetic sheets of textile. The dose of the textile is adjusted so that it doesn’t become saturated. The media’s texture increases the area of surface that supports aerobic microbes that are able to nitrify effluents.

The water then flows into a splitter valve, where the water is either circulated back to the chamber of the septic tank , or it is dispersed through gravitational force (30 inches below the grade) into the component for dispersal. System Two chambers of a septic tank is needed for pretreatment and to treat anoxically an effluent that is nitrified. The system is not able to substitute the components that discharge.

The Most Cost-Effective Advantex Septic System

Our patent-pending AdvanTex Treatment System is a small and powerful recirculating filter. Filters that are packed in bed have been proved to be extremely reliable. AdvanTex Treatment Systems provide environmentally sustainable treatment of wastewater from residential flows. They are the perfect solution for hard soils or small sites, upgrades and repairs to systems installation, new installations, treatment, reduction of nitrogen as well as disinfection.The AdvanTex Treatment System comes in a complete pre-fabricated package that includes a specially made septic tank that is designed for use, Orenco Biotube pump package.


For treatment that is more advanced Orenco’s top solution is known as AdvanTex, which is the AdvanTex Treatment System. Utilizing the technology of Orenco’s textile filters, AdvanTex can reduce BOD and TSS (two indicators of the severity that pollution) by as much as 98 percent. AdvanTex Treatment Systems turn wastewater into an odorless, clear effluent. We offer AX Series produces effluent that surpasses Secondary Treatment Standards, and the AX20 model, which is rated at 500 gpd has successfully has passed the NSF/ANSI Standard testing procedure that is required for the Class 1 Systems.

The core to AdvanTex Treatment System is AdvanTex Treatment System lies in it’s AdvanTex filter media, an engineered fabric. The highly absorbent material can treat huge amounts of waste in a compact area.

With AdvanTex it is free of unpleasant odors. No loud, powerful blowers. There is no activated sludge that can manage or pump. The discharge of untreated wastewater is not permitted in times of high flows or emergency.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are easy to clean and maintain, and consume minimal energy. They operate virtually undetectable to property owners when they’re combined in conjunction with our Vericomm remote telemetry system and its 24-hour, web-based monitoring software.

Treatment Systems

AdvanTex Treatment Systems AdvanTex Treatment Systems recirculate and blend treated waste on an ongoing basis, whether surge or seasonal flow is not an issue. Quality effluents are discharged even where the system is shut down for extended periods without receiving flow.

Small and inexpensive The Orenco AdvanTex Treatment Systems provide consistent efficient and reliable onsite treatment of commercial and residential wastewater, even in high-pressure conditions.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are ideal for small installations upgrading and repairs to systems installation, construction of new facilities, treatment as well as nitrogen reduction.

Costs that are low over the lifecycle make AdvanTex Treatment Systems your best option for wastewater treatment on-site.

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