How Much Does A Torque Wrench Cost

What is the cost of a torque wrench?

Each series will include a variety of models depending on the torque. Driving wrenches typically use 2000 to 20,000 Nm. 2000 Nm costs $1100. Best click-style torque wrench * $352 at Amazon. Best digital torque wrench * $55. These Torque Wrenches products are not available elsewhere.

Torque wrench

A torque wrench is a tool that applies a predetermined amount of torque to a fastener and then tells the user when that torque has reached its limit. It uses one of three methods to do this. The “Beam” torque wrenches use a simple pointer on the scale. To read the torque value, you must look directly at the scale and pointer. This can be difficult when tightening a tire. Although beam wrenches still exist, click-stop wrenches have replaced them with internal springs, balls, and detents. The ball will pop out of its detent when the torque is reached. A sharp click in the handle can be felt. Instead, electronic wrenches use a strain gauge to report the arrival and departure of the target torque via vibration or beep, indicator lights, or all three.

Customer Would Like To Buy A Set of Hydraulic Wrenches

Hydraulic wrenches generally fall under one of two categories: low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches or hydraulic torque wrenches equipped with square drives. Each series includes models that are determined by the torque. Driving wrenches typically use 2000 to 20,000 Nm. Prices range from $1100 to $1350 to 5000 Nm for $1800 to $2400 to 10,000 Nm for $2300 to $2900 and 20,000 Nm for $2800 to $3500. Maximum torque can reach 140,000 Nm. This wrench will last the longest if there’s enough room for work.


The square drive type wrench and the impact socket must be used together. The square drive of a wrench connects to one end. The other end is directly sleeved on. As a result, it is important to know the size of the socket’s square drive and nut. A one-inch socket can cost between $25 and $70, while a 1.5-inch socket will cost between $35 and $130. A two-inch socket will cost between $45 and $45.


  1. A portable electric wrench powered by a Li-ion rechargeable lithium battery
  2. Brushless motor technology for longer life
  3. Variable speed to ensure excellent stability in different work areas
  4. Higher power, higher torque, lower noise
  5. Soft anti-slip handle, comfortable working experience
  6. Built-in led to permit work in dark environments

A. Ultra-Thin Type, And An Ordinary Type

An ordinary cassette wrench’s power head is thicker than its working head. However, an ultra-thin cassette wrench’s working head is exactly the same thickness. This allows it to be used in small spaces.

B. The General Power Head, And The Cassette.

The ratchet link is also known as standard cassette wrenches. They are separately quoted. A 5000Nm powerhead costs between $550 to $700 and a 5000Nm cassette between $940 and $1050. A 20000Nm powerhead costs between $1300 to $1650 and a 20000Nm cartridge costs between $1250 and $1600.

Need A Torque Wrench Of The Right Size

The socket drive size is the most common way to refer to torque wrenches. They are available in 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch socket drives. They can deliver more torque if the handle is longer and larger. A torque wrench with a minimum of an 18-inch handle and a 1/2-inch drive is best for most home mechanics.

A 3/8-inch drive wrench works well for rebuilding engines. However, it is not the best size for rods and main bearing end caps. The shorter handle can’t deliver torque to trailer hitches or truck lug nuts. Fine assembly such as small fasteners for critical pulleys is possible.

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