How Much Does A Squat Rack Cost

What Is The Cost Of A Squat Rack?

Squat racks can be as expensive as $200-$10,000, with an average rack costing around $1000. Prices vary depending on the style. Squat racks that are good for home use cost about $800. You can find cheaper racks for $200-$400, but they are made with thinner steel and have skinnier uprights. A good squat rack will cost you between $150 and $2000. The amount you spend on a good squat rack will depend on its use.

Average Cost Of A Squat Stand

A squat rack costs $650 on average. A good quality squat rack can be purchased for $300, or a power rack that is high-end for $600. Although squat stands are cheap at around $100, they are not recommended if you intend to lift more than 300 lbs. Some of the most expensive power racks can cost upwards of $7,000.

There are four main types of squat racks…

  1. Folding rack
  2. Stand squat
  3. Half-off
  4. Power rack

A. Folding Squat Racks

Folding wall-mounted squat racks are the ultimate space-saver. They can be put against the wall and folded back between workouts.

When folded down, folding racks take up about 5-6 inches of space and, when properly installed, can carry twice as much weight (if not more) than power racks.

b. Power rack

The ultimate in stability and versatility, power racks can be 4 or 6 column racks, also known as a power cage.

Larger racks do not need to be bolted down. They can be used as storage for your weight plates and barbells, and are around $300-600. Stronger racks with a 3′ x 3′ frame cost about $800.

Half Racks

Half racks sound exactly like they sound: a power rack cut in half.

These half racks are not as versatile as full cages. Instead of using safety straps or safety pins inside the cage to spotter animals, half racks have spotter arms outside the rack.

d. Squat stands

For minimalist lifters who only need their rack to keep the barbell in its place, squat stands work well.

High Quality Squat Racks Are Available For Home Gyms At A Cost Of Around $800

You can find cheaper racks for as low as $200-$400, but they are made with thinner steel and have smaller uprights. They are less suitable for carrying heavy loads. Premium racks and rigs start from $2,000.

So Expensive: Squat Racks

Squat racks can be expensive because they are made with high-quality steel and powder-coated finishes to prevent corrosion.

A squat rack can be a one-time investment for most people. You can take care of your squat rack with very little (i.e. A squat rack can last a lifetime if it is not left exposed to salt air for many years.

Price Range For Entry-Level Squat Stands

An entry-level, 12-14 gauge steel squat stand can be purchased for $100 to $240. These squat stands offer the most affordable option for purchasing a squat stand. These squat racks are suitable for those who do not intend to lift more than 300lbs.

Price Range For Mid-Range Squat Stands

The price range for mid-range squat stands is between $250 and $650. This research found that the average price was $370. This rack may be right for you if you are looking for a low-cost squat rack, but want to have the benefits of stronger 11-gauge steel.

Price Range For High-End Squat Racks

The average cost of a high-end rack for squats is $742. These racks have a pull-up bar that won’t wobble as much than the less expensive alternatives. They are made of at least 3×3 inch 11 gauge steel and weigh approximately 200 lbs.

Squat Rack

Your choice of options will depend on your preferences. If you’re a pull-up fan, you have the option to have handles that are normal, cushioned or non-slip.

A model that has pulleys can be purchased to help your back and abs.

Also, make sure the hooks are removable and adjustable for the full height of the sidebars. This would allow you bench press on your rack. You are the only person who can choose which options will be most beneficial to you. Depending on your training goals and/or budget, some options may be more important than others.

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