How Much Does A Septic Installation Cost

A specialist will install a septic tank on your home for between $3,138 to $8,518, which is a lower national average of $5,828. The cost of the project will depend on the size of your house, where the tank is located, and what type of septic system you need.

Septic Tank Installation Costs

The cost of a complete septic system installation does not include the price of the tank. These are some other things to keep in mind when budgeting for a new septic system.


To make any kind of improvements or enhancements to land, such as adding a septic tank, permits are required. Although the cost of a permit varies depending on where you live, it is usually $200 to $2,000.

Tank Size

Your tank size will increase the bigger your home. Your costs will rise as your tank size increases. A 500-gallon tank, which is roughly the size of a one-bedroom house, costs around $800. A 1,000-gallon tank will be required for a three-bedroom house. This tank will cost approximately $1,500.


If you don’t have the skills to install a septic system, it is worth hiring someone else to do the dirty work. Installing a septic tank system will cost between $1,500 to $4,000 just for labor.

Percolation Test

Percolation tests are used to analyze the soil and sand conditions around your property in order to determine the best location for a septic system. The average cost of a percolation test is $250 to $1,000.

Land Survey

You will need to pay a land survey if you require additional information to plan where your septic tank installation will be located.

You Should Also Consider Additional Costs

As it is often for major home systems, professional installation can cost as much as or more than the items being installed. For septic tank installations, your labor costs will be approximately 50% to 70% of total project cost.

The type of septic system that you choose can make a project more complicated. If this is true, you can expect to pay more for labor.

The final cost will depend on the complexity of your septic system and how much labor it requires.

A septic tank’s cost can be anywhere from $500 to $14,000. Residential septic tanks are more affordable for homeowners. Because a single-family home will need a smaller septic tank capacity that an apartment building would, a system with a higher price tag will be required.

Because they are lighter, polyethylene or plastic septic tank are easier to purchase and install. They cost an average of $800-$2,000. Although they are not susceptible to cracking, they can break under pressure and in changing soil conditions.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your treatment system is maintained for many years. Most tanks can store up to three years worth of wastewater from a house before they need to be emptied or pumped. Pumping a septic tank costs an average $370 per three years, or $0.25/gallon.

Most homeowners replace their tank filters. The cost of replacing a tank filter is $200 to $300 (CAD 265 to CAD 390). A baffle directs wastewater to the septic tanks. To repair a tank baffle, expect to spend $300-$900 (CAD 390-CAD 1,160).

Concrete covers can crack over time and steel lids might rust. A septic tank cover can be replaced by you yourself for between $150 and $500 (CAD 193 to CAD 665). Professionals will charge a little more to replace it.

Avoid overloading your septic tank. This will help keep it in good condition. Toilet paper that is safe for your septic tank should be used. Don’t treat your kitchen sink drains and toilets as garbage bins. Purchase a service plan that includes annual maintenance if your septic tank company offers it.

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