How Much Do Rollerblades Cost

What Is The Cost Of Rollerblades?

Inline skates cost will vary depending on what type of inline skate you want and where you buy them.

A pair of recreational roller blades for girls or boys will cost between $20 and $70, depending on which brand you choose. For example, the Roller Derby Coyote girls roller blade retails at $50.

An affordable pair of recreational rollerblades can be purchased for $50 to $200. For example, the Bladerunner Women’s Pro 78 is available for $60 while the Men’s Crossfire 90MX is available for $170.

A pair of street rollerblades for performing tricks such as the Rollerblade NewJack Street Skate will run you $150-$300

An inline speed skate, such as the Liigino Attitude195 can be purchased for $200-$1000. Notes $150 skates will have a higher value than $30 skates but $300 skates can sometimes be just as valuable as $150 skates.

Roller Blades Expensive

Rollerblades can be costly, but quality parts will make them last longer and perform better than cheaper models. This list of Rollerblades features the top pairs, taking into account price, performance, durability, and more.

Information About Rollerblades

There are three types of skates available: multi-purpose, speed, and hockey. Multi-purpose skates are usually made of plastic with an inner foam liner. These can also be laced up or buckled down in a variety of ways. Hockey skates are made of leather and have no foam liner.

These skates are great on slippery ice, but not so good on uneven surfaces. You will find the best fitting sets with laced up skates, but some models have an adjustable ankle strap.

Easier To Skate Or Rollerblade

Many people want to know which is easier. Many people assume quad roller skates are easier than inline skates or roller blades, but the truth is that inline skates can be difficult for many adults and children.

Additional Costs

With time, the brakes and wheels on a rollerblade can wear down. Rotating them can prolong their lives. This is especially useful if the wheels and brakes are only used occasionally. These parts should be replaced within six months of purchase. Prices vary depending on the number of replacement pieces required, but they typically run between $5 and $8 per item


There are four types of skates that you will find: speed, multi-purpose and hockey. The majority of skates on the market are multi-purpose. They are made from plastic and have a foam liner inside. Some skates will have laces while others will have a buckle system. The majority of hockey skates will be made out of stitched leather, while very few will have a foam liner inside. These skates are best used on a hockey rink and not outdoors or on uneven terrain. While most will use laces, some will have velcro straps around the ankle. Speed skates are usually made of leather and have a longer wheelbase to accommodate all five tires. These skates are not usually available in your local shop so you will need to buy them from a specialist store.

Tips Rollerblades Cost

Although the rollerblade may be cheap, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to cost a lot. You can find a lot of information online about the rollerblade by reading reviews. Low quality skates are more popular due to their durability and quality.

You should definitely try the rollerblades out in person. You will get a better idea of how the rollerblades will fit. Even though they are the same size, buying them online could result in a poor fit.

Make sure the skates fit snugly. A loose fit can cause blisters and even skin irritations. Your toes should be close to the edge, the skates shouldn’t pinch your heel, and your heel shouldn’t be able to move freely. Make sure to wear your socks when you try the skates on at the store. Athletic socks are a great idea.

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