Honda Pilot Strut Replacement Cost: Easy Calculation Guide

Expect to pay between $450 and $900 on average to replace a pair of struts. Individual strut assemblies cost between $150 and $300, thus parts alone will cost between $300 and $600. For the pair, labour alone will cost between $150 and $300.

How much does it cost to replace a strut assembly?

A Honda Pilot Strut Assembly Replacement costs $350 on average, with components costing $256 and labour costing $95. Prices may differ based on where you are.

“Understanding the Role of Shocks and Struts in Your 2010 Honda Pilot’s Suspension System”

Your 2010 Honda Pilot’s shocks and struts are part of the suspension system, and they assist protect your engine and the rest of your vehicle from road bumps. Although individual struts can be replaced, it is more common to have both struts replaced at the same time.

Cost Estimates for Strut Replacement and Wheel Correction

You should expect to pay anything between $ 133 and $ 439 to replace a single strut. The cost of replacing both is usually between $ 239 and $ 818. When your struts are replaced, your mechanic will most likely recommend that you have your wheels corrected as well.

Estimating Strut Replacement Costs and Ride Height Adjustment for a 2010 Honda Pilot

Because replacing the struts can change the ride height of your 2010 Honda Pilot, you’ll need to get the wheels adjusted to guarantee it drives smoothly.
We’ve gathered some estimates for replacing the struts at some of the country’s most well-known auto repair companies. This will vary depending on your region and the type of vehicle you drive, but it should give you an estimate of how much repairing the struts will cost.

I can format the information you provided into a table:

CompanyWarranty DurationParts and Labor CoveragePrice Range (USD)
The Mechanic12 months164 – 1378
Midas12 months135 – 945
Mr. Tire12 months143 – 899
Pep Boys6 weeks137 – 1165
Walmart6 weeks42 – 230Parts Limited
AmazonNot specified35 – 299Parts Limited

Please note that the “Price Range (USD)” for The Mechanic is missing specific values, so it’s left blank.

What Are Struts and How Do They Work?

The suspension assembly of your 2010 Honda Pilot includes struts. If you notice that your 2010 Honda Pilot doesn’t bounce all over the road when you hit a little bump, it’s because of the suspension system, namely the struts. However, once those struts have blown, they must be replaced.
A Honda Pilot suspension shock or strut repair typically costs between $953 and $1,014. Labor charges are expected to range between $233 and $294, with parts costing $720. The number and age of Honda Pilots on the road determine this range.

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