Honda civic engine mount replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace a motor mount, as well?
Motor mounts are usually replaced for between $224 and $563 in materials and labour, and the mounts may be purchased online for about $38 and $145.
What are the signs and symptoms of a bad motor mount? Symptoms of a Failing or Worn-Out Engine Mount
From the engine bay, there are impact noises. Impact noises originating from the engine bay are one of the most prevalent symptoms associated with worn engine mounts.
Vibrations that are excessive. Excessive vibration is another sign of a poor or failing motor mount.
The engine is moving.

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Second, is it possible to drive with a damaged motor mount?
The engine mounts are prone to deterioration over time. A mount can even snap in extreme instances.
Any of the motor mounts that aren’t firmly holding the engine in place may cause issues and make driving the car extremely risky.
During a visit to the auto dealership, I was advised that I needed to replace the side engine mount on my 2010 Honda Civic. They gave me a quote of $720 for the job. I got various quotations from independents online and received $465 and $425 respectively. Both will rely on OEM components (50820-SNB-H01).
The gap in pricing between the dealership and the independent makes me wonder if the lower price is too good to be true.
Is it pricey to replace motor mounts?
Replacement engine mounts and bolts aren’t necessarily expensive; depending on the car, they can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 at a parts store, however liquid-filled mounts are more expensive.
When you open the hood of your Honda Civic, you expect your engine to be there, ready and willing to’motor’ you anywhere you need to go, but have you ever wondered how it’s kept there?
Your engine mounts are the culprit. These mounts not only keep your engine in place, but they also reduce vibration and noise inside your Honda Civic, improving ride quality and noise levels.
Depending on the location of the engine mount and whether any components must be removed to gain access, an engine mount replacement can cost anywhere from $120 to $900+.

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