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Calculate the cost of your bowling alley!
Choose your bowling alley options below to get an instant estimate of your total cost. We don’t have people sit through a sales call only to get a basic answer to a question like, “Can you tell me about the cost of a home bowling alley?” Depending on site-specific circumstances such as shipping, travel distance, stairs, tight entrances, multifamily buildings, and so on, the pricing for your project may be somewhat higher or lower than the price given below.

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Brunswick is known internationally for the quality, reliability, and reputation of its goods and services as the industry’s pioneer company, with a history dating back to 1890. Brunswick is proud to be the only company to offer a full line of comprehensive equipment to provide you with the best tenpin bowling entertainment experience in the world.
Design advice, site coordination visits, shipment, expert installation, training, Brunswick technical support, ball return system, computer scoring system with touchscreen controls, and 10 balls and 20 pairs of shoes per lane are all included in all packages.
We take pleasure in providing a client relationship that lasts the life of the equipment, with our skilled service and support team on hand to ensure that every customer has a positive gaming experience. Professionalism and discretion are essential while working closely with the owner or house management staff.
If you have any particular inquiries concerning bowling alley equipment expenses, please contact us at 904-701-2695 or hello@fusionbowling.com.

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