Help 2010 Nissan Altima Alternator Pigtail

When it comes to maintaining your Nissan vehicle’s electrical system, one crucial component is the alternator. In this guide, we’ll explore various alternator connectors and address a common issue – a broken alternator pigtail.

The Alternator Lineup

Nissan vehicles offer a range of alternators to suit different models and years. Let’s take a closer look at some popular options available in the market:

DB Electrical 400-12186 Alternator

  • Compatible with/Replacement for Cadillac 4.6L Concours (1994-1997), Deville (1996), Eldorado Seville (1993-1997)
  • Overall Pick: DB Electrical 400-44119 New Alternator for 2.5L Nissan Rogue (2008-2012), X-Trail (2005-2006)
  • SCITOO High Output Alternator 125Amp Replacement for Infiniti I30 (1998-2000), I35 (2002-2004), Nissan Maxima (1995-2000, 2002-2003), Murano (2003-2007)
  • SCITOO High Output Alternator 130Amp Replacement for Saturn Aura (2007-2008), Nissan Altima (2007-2010), Maxima (2009-2010), Murano (2009-2014), Quest (2011-2017)

DB Electrical Sponsored Alternators

  • DB Electrical AVA0074 Alternator Compatible with/Replacement for Nissan 2.5L Altima, Sentra (2007-2009)
  • DB Electrical AHI0045 New Alternator Compatible with/Replacement for 3.3L Nissan Frontier Xterra (1999-2002)
  • DB Electrical 400-44018 Alternator Compatible With/Replacement For Nissan Altima (1998-2001)
  • DB Electrical 400-44034 New Alternator For Nissan Frontier Pickup (1998-2004), Xterra (2000-2004)
  • DB Electrical AHI0118 Alternator Compatible With/Replacement For 4.0L Nissan Pathfinder (2005-2007), 5.6L Nissan Armada Titan Infiniti QX56 (2007)
  • DB Electrical 400-44031 Alternator Compatible With/Replacement For 3.3L Nissan Pathfinder (1997-2000)
  • DB Electrical 400-48213 Alternator Compatible With/Replacement For 110Amp Internal Fan Type Clutch Pulley Type Internal Regulator CW Rotation 12V 1.6L L4 Juke (2011-2013)

Nissan Alternator Connector Issues

Identifying Wire Connections

If you find yourself in a situation where the alternator pigtail breaks, it can be challenging to determine the correct wire connections. We received a user query about a 2012 Nissan Murano, and here’s a breakdown of the issue:

  • Vehicle Details: 2012 Nissan Murano
  • Original Wires: Brown, Lt. Blue, Yellow/Black
  • Replacement Plug Wires: Red, Green, Black

User Query – 2007 Altima Alternator Pigtail

A forum user faced a similar challenge with a 2007 Altima’s alternator pigtail. The user provided the following information:

  • Current Setup:
    • White wire to the terminal closest to the engine
    • Yellow wire to the middle terminal
    • Brown wire to the terminal farthest from the engine

Seeking Assistance

The user sought help to confirm the correct orientation of the wires, especially the one closest to the engine. The community provided guidance, and the issue was eventually resolved.

Wiring Diagram Insights

To shed light on the wiring configuration, a wiring diagram for the Nissan Altima is provided. The 3-pin connector breakdown is as follows:

  • Pin 2: Brown wire
  • Pin 3: Yellow/Black wire
  • Pin 4: Gray wire

This information can be instrumental in correctly wiring the replacement plug, ensuring a seamless alternator connection.

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