Happiest Car Owners

I am one of the happiest car owners and wanted to see how many people in the world are happy with their cars. This article is all about the happiest car owners.

Tesla claims the top position for customer satisfaction across the entire automotive industry, with its Model 3 leading the pack on a global scale. Zutobi, in their recent report compiling data from car owner ratings provided by Parkers, HonestJohn, Autotrader, and Edmunds, reveals Tesla as the most highly-rated brand.

Here’s the formatted list of cars along with their respective rankings, models, production years, and satisfaction percentages:

Porsche 911
BMW 3 Series happiest car owners
BMW 3 Series
Lexus LS happiest car owners
Lexus LS
Lexus LSBMW 3 SeriesRankCar ModelProduction YearsSatisfaction Percentage
1Porsche 9112020-202390%
2BMW 3 Series2020-202385%
3Lexus LS2020-202383%
4Mazda CX-52020-202381%
5Toyota Prius2020-202380%
6Subaru Outback2020-202379%
7Honda Accord2020-202378%
8Toyota Camry2020-202377%
9Hyundai Santa Fe2020-202376%
10Kia Telluride2020-202375%
11Ford F-1502020-202374%
12Chevrolet Silverado2020-202373%
13Toyota RAV42020-202372%
14Honda CR-V2020-202371%
15Toyota Sienna2020-202370%
Happiest Car Owners

Garnering an impressive average rating of 4.53, Tesla solidifies its position as a leading American automotive company focused on the design and production of electric vehicles. The brand’s popularity has surged significantly in recent times.

top Car Brands With The Happiest Customers

BrandSatisfaction Rating (2023)
Top Car Brands With The Happiest Customers

The top car brands with the happiest customers in 2023, based on a combination of sources, are:

  • Lexus
  • Porsche
  • Toyota
  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet

These brands consistently rank at the top of customer satisfaction surveys, with owners reporting high levels of satisfaction with their vehicles’ performance, features, quality, and value.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the top 5 brands:

BrandKey FeaturesSatisfaction Rating (2023)
LexusReliability, comfort, performance84%
PorschePerformance, handling, exclusivity90%
ToyotaReliability, value80%
MazdaHandling, performance, interior design81%
SubaruReliability, safety, AWD capability79%
Top Car Brands With The Happiest Customers: Key Specs

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