Green Septic System

NextGen Septic is affordable and green technology that will save money, water, and the environment, no matter if you’re a homeowner or a builder.

The bio-accelerator fabric is covered by a green plastic fiber mat. The fiber mat is placed over the bio-accelerator fabric to create a large bacterial treatment area. This not only protects the outermost cover (described in the next bullet), but also improves the filtration of suspended solids.

Given the extent of the environmental damage that we have done to the planet, going green is a hot topic. Companies and individuals are seeking ways to be more sustainable. There are several things you can do to make your septic tank more eco-friendly. Here are some of these.

Green Technology

Go Green is an innovative technology company that specializes on custom-designed advanced wastewater treatment systems. Traditional septic tanks are no longer sufficient in this age of environmental awareness and stricter government regulations. These systems must be reliable, quiet, and low-maintenance. They must also meet the highest standards for water treatment. Our solutions are suitable for land or marine use and can be installed almost anywhere from a mobile house to a facility that manages a subdivision. Our staff can help you, whether you’re a homeowner with a failing septic system or a general contractor.

Can Septic Systems be “Green”?

The septic system uses natural bacteria as a treatment method for wastewater. This water is “recycled”, meaning it goes back into the groundwater supply.

The septic tank is the main component of a conventional or standard septic system that has an absorptive drainage field. The tank separates the liquids from the solids. After that, the liquids flow to the absorption area where they percolate into soil.

Singulair Green Wastewater Treatment System

Singulair Green’s aerobic treatment system incorporates Norweco’s advanced aerobic process that has been proven in thousands of installations over decades into a durable, waterproof polyethylene tank. It can be used for retrofit or new applications. The durable Singulair green tank is patent-pending and features strong arch shapes. It will deliver reliable performance for decades.

Greening Your Septic System

A septic system can’t be considered “green” if it isn’t working properly or is malfunctioning.

Proper maintenance and usage will ensure that the system works properly and that soil and groundwater supply do not become contaminated.

Green Septic System: Some Things to Consider

  1. Singulair Green agreement, terms and conditions for online sales.
  2. Make sure the Singulair Green system is compliant with your state’s and local codes. The purchaser is responsible for installation.
  3. Singulair Green system comprises a model 206C aerator and BK system, as well as a 210P control centre. All system components are shipped within the Singulair Green tank
  4. Singulair Green can be buried to a depth of 34-1/2 inches Below grade
  5. The Singulair Green tank can be used for non-traffic purposes only.
  6. If the product weighs 955 lbs, the customer must unload it.
  7. Before the installation of the Singulair Green system, a certification course must be completed.

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