Frost Line Depth in Pittsburgh

You should use a minimum unfolding base width of 24 inches, and a minimum frost depth of 36.

Top-soil in Pennsylvania can range from less than 2 inches to more than 2 inches. The floor’s freezing depth is the second and most important. This is often much deeper than the topsoil in Penn- sylvania.

How deep should a PA footer be? 1.4 Minimum Depth. Exterior footings must be placed at least 12 inches (305mm) below the unassailable floor.

What is the Frost Line?

The frost line refers to the depth at which soil moisture is expected freeze. The soil below your footings will not freeze if it is buried beneath the frost line.

Frost Depth Map

A frost depth map can be a helpful tool that will give you an idea of how deep to dig in the soil to reach the point where it rarely freezes. A frost-depth map will often show contour lines. Each point along the line indicates the frost depth of the cities and towns that cross it. These lines are only guidelines. It’s best to speak with your local building inspector in order to determine the frost depth.

Federal Highway Administration Publication Number FHWA–HRT-08–057 states that the maximum frost depth in the US is between 0 and 100 inches (2.4 meters). you’re building.

Frost Lines by State 2022

The frost line (also referred to by the frost depth) is the depth at the soil’s groundwater is expected to freeze. Frost lines are dependent on the area’s climate, which includes the heat transfer properties and heat sources nearby.

The deepest frost lines are generally found in the coldest states of the United States. At 100 inches, Alaska’s frost line is the deepest. Minnesota has 80 inches and North Dakota has 75. However, the frost lines in the hottest states of the United States are more shallow. Florida and Hawaii have zero inches. Louisiana and South Carolina have four inches and South Carolina has four. California and Georgia have five inches.

measure Frost Line depth?

Engineers use Frost Tube to measure frost line depths in the field. Frost Tube is described in our article How to Check Frost Depth. The main idea behind measuring frost line depth is to use colored water from a frost tube instrument to determine the point at which water freezes in frost tube instruments.

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