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Sproule Construction is a water and sanitation engineer that installs septic systems for new construction and replaces problematic or outdated septic systems. We have the experience and equipment to install your new septic system to comply with all government regulations. We offer residential, commercial and municipal sewer and/or septic services.Sproule Construction collaborates with water and sanitation engineers to install septic systems. We have the experience and equipment to install your new septic system to comply with all government regulations. We offer septic and sewer services for residential, commercial, and municipal customers.

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Information About The Fins System

. Airports

* Allows air into the Treatment Fins to encourage aerobic bacterial growth

. Coarse Green Fibers

* Digests suspended solids and filters them

* Protects the outer geo-textile bacterial treatment surfaces

* Larger bacteria treatment area

This advanced treatment system was developed by Presby Environmental, Inc. and relies on passive, nonmechanical filtration to provide exceptional treatment and dispersal for contaminated water. This powerful treatment system is:

* It is very easy to install

* Installation requires almost no maintenance

* Offers unmatched endurance.

. Perforated Pipe (Air Duct).

* Allows air flow to flow in the lengthwise direction into the fibers and system Sand to encourage bacterial growth

. Fin Distribution Unit (Fdu).

* Resolves suspended solids

* Equalizes flow between units

* Distributes effluent into Treatment Fins

. Skimmer Tabs

* Prevents grease or suspended solids from exiting the FDU

* Protects geo-textile and coarse Green Fibers from clogging

The Presby Treatment Fins System Septic System: What Are The Most Important Benefits?

This revolutionary technology makes the EnviroFin(r), system ideally suited to a variety of applications. This wastewater solution is particularly useful for projects that have a low lot line or require difficult terrain. The EnviroFin(r), system is also available:

* Very easy to assemble and requires minimal labor.

* Passive cleaning technology is used to treat effluent.

* Exceeds NSF/ANSI40 water treatment standards.

* Approved in New Hampshire, Maine, and Alabama and available for use in California.

We now ship internationally to water treatment professionals who work outside our service area. This is in coordination with Presby Environmental.

Fins Septic System Treatment – Under the Presby Hood

EnviroFin(r), a product that transforms contaminated effluent to safe groundwater, uses a 10-stage process.

* Stage 1: The EnviroFin(r);unit can increase the surface area and effectiveness of the bacterial layer by adding internal fibers.

* Stage 2: The wastewater passes through geotextile fabrics. This allows for the creation of a larger bacterial surface to allow additional waste decomposition.

* Stage 3: System Sand helps to remove excess liquid from geo-textile fabrics. This promotes increased airflow and aerobic bacterial growth.

* Stage 4 – System Sand finishes “polishing”, the effluent to meet the stringent tertiary treatment standards set by third-party certification agencies like NSF or ANSI.

* Stage 5: The bacterial culture is boosted by the addition of continuous air supply and fluctuating liquid levels. This allows the effluent to be safely dispersed as groundwater.

Stage 6: The cooled wastewater is brought into the fin distribution unit (FDU), where it is cooled at the same temperature as the soil.

* Stage 7: Solids suspended in wastewater start separating from the cooled effluent.

* Stage 8: Skimmer tabs stop grease or other suspended solids escaping the fin distribution unit.

* Stage 9: Small perforations in FDU allow wastewater to seep into a network randomly-oriented fibers, which removes even more suspended solids.

* Stage 10: The fin has air ducts that allow outside air to flow along its length and into the fiber network. The surrounding System Sand encourages bacterial growth, which further reduces contaminants and other waste material.

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