Falcon Cost

Falco is the genus Falco’s 37 species of raptors.

There are more than 40 species of falcons today, spread across every continent.

They will hunt small animals like mice, fish, and frogs.

The falcon is a rare predator because of its size, speed, and alertness.

Cost of Falcons Depending on the type

  1. Harris Hawk cost $1000
  2. Red-tailed Falcons cost $400
  3. Peregrine Falcon cost $600-$1000

The average price of a Falcon

Before you can even consider buying a falcon you need to be what is called a falconer. This has three phases: apprentice, general and master. As an apprentice, you are allowed to keep only one bird. Because falconry is regulated in the United States of America, your state’s Game and Fish Department can tell you how to become a falconer.

The average falcon price is $200-$1,000, but it can go as high as $10,000 depending on its species, age, size, breeder price and where the seller is located. Online purchase is also possible.

However, falconry festivals in the Gulf states can make it more expensive to buy a falcon from Qatar.

Maintaining a falcon costs money

As we mentioned in the article, the main problem was not the cost of buying a falcon. It is more about the cost of obtaining a license to own one. You must also maintain it as well as possible as a falconer.

Falconer certification costs

It is not expensive as it will only cost you $200. Finding someone who can help you pass the exam is the hardest part about becoming a falconer.

Additional costs

Falcons require housing that is more complicated than for a regular pet. These houses, also known as mews are usually larger than a shed and built to house the bird properly. These houses will provide perches, shelter and space for the bird to roam. Experts recommend spending a minimum $1,000 to build a suitable structure. It is essential that the bird can hunt and exercise naturally on its own.

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