Ezflow Septic System

Ezflow Septic System

Many people have questions about the septic systems at their lake. There are three options: the EZ Flow system (or gravel), and the arc system (or arc). The four-deep EZ Flow system was chosen for this project as it allowed for more drainage in a smaller area.

Kevin Collins, the local operator of Alair Homes Clemson talks about the benefits of this system for their particular custom-built home. He also explains why they chose this system and how it was implemented.

The Infiltrator-EZflow septic system is designed to increase infiltrative performance. It eliminates fines and reduces compaction and embedment that are associated with crushed stones. EZflow products have been certified by IAPMO as well as the ICC-ES PMG Listing Program. The Infiltrator EZflow septic systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stone drainfields and pipe drainfields. They use a modular engineered geosynthetic gravel design. Gravelless EZflow is designed to enhance drainfield performance by reducing fines, compaction, and embedment that are associated with stone.

Infiltrator Model Ez Flow System

EZflow byInfiltrator is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional stone and pipe drains using a modular engineered geosynthetic gravel design. The EZflow system reduces fines and compaction, as well as reducing stone-related embedment and compaction. Pre-Assembled units consist of a 3′- or 4′-long perforated pipe that is surrounded with aggregate and held in position by durable, high-strength netting.


  1. Shallow Applications (Models with Low Profiles)
  2. Trenches & Bed Systems
  3. Fill and Mound Systems
  4. Pressure Distribution Systems
  5. Serial Distribution Systems
  6. Use with Advanced Treatment Systems
  7. At-Grade Systems
  8. Drop-Box or Step-down Systems
  9. Commercial, Community, or Cluster Systems
  10. Always clean and free from fines
  11. Bundles can be quickly installed, which saves money on heavy machinery and labor
  12. Modular construction permits configurations that match trench dimensions for all system shapes and sizes.
  13. Constructed to maximize storage and absorption efficiency
  14. Capability to contour around trees and landscaping on slopes
  15. This lightweight system is ideal for repairs and tight job sites
  16. Hand-carried easily into place, reducing labor time
  17. With simple snap-on internal couplers, you can get lengths of 5′ and 10′.
  18. Eliminating stones makes cleanup easier
  19. Made from recycled materials and not from a natural resource.
  20. There are many configurations and diameters available to suit the needs of any professional who installs.

The Best Septic System For Your Home

A plastic septic tank is the cheapest. They are lighter than concrete and fiberglass tanks, and therefore easier to install. They are waterproof and resist water corrosion. The average cost of plastic septic tanks is around $1,200

What Systems Can Ezflow Be Used?

EZflow is compatible with almost all septic leach fields. EZflow is compatible with any type of pipe and stone. This includes installation in trenches, beds, and elevated mounds. EZflow provides superior treatment capabilities in pressure dosing, level distribution, serial distribution, evapotranspiration, and sand filter applications.Approved in many jurisdictions with an increased efficiency rating, reducing drainfield size Backed by the leader in the onsite wastewater industry.

Septic System With Easy Flow Drainage

The Infiltrator EZflow septic system replaces traditional stone and pipe drainfields with an engineered geosynthetic modular design.

Install The Ezflow System Under A Driveway Or On Paved Surfaces

Septic leach fields cannot be installed on impervious surfaces like driveways, according to most health codes. The reason is that the soil can be compressed by the pressure of the surface, which can cause a decrease in its ability to filter effluent (wastewater) from the soil. For the exact codes applicable to your area, check with your local health department. For information on whether this type of installation is permitted, contact Infiltrator Water Technologies’ Technical Services team at 1-800-718-2744.

Ezflow’s Septic System Specifications For Maximum And Minimum System Coverage

Infiltrator Water Technologies recommends that EZflow be covered with a minimum 12 inch of compacted material. In a trench system, the maximum allowable cover for EZflow is 96 inches. Maximum cover for bed systems is 48 inches. For specific requirements, check with your local health codes.

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