Ez Drain For Septic

Ez Drain For Septic

The EZFlow drainfield is a technology that has been in use for over ten years. The disadvantage of a stone-and-pipe drain field is its inability to collect water. Stone carries a limestone dust. Although the stone is cleaned before installation, it doesn’t get rid of all dust. Any dust that remains on the stone is washed into soil to prevent soil clogging. This can reduce the life expectancy of a septic tank. This disadvantage was overcome by EZ-Flows.

The EZ-Flow drainfield size depends on how many gallons per day a residence/business produces and how much soil is being loaded. These two factors determine how large the EZ-Flow drainfield must be. A drainfield of 900 square feet is required for a three-bedroom home with a soil test at a loading rate of 0.5. Each EZ-Flow is 50 square feet. This example requires 18 individual EZFlows. EZ-Flows have one drawback: they take up more space than a pipe drainfield and stone.


  1. Always clean and free from fines
  2. Bundles can be quickly installed, which saves money on heavy machinery and labor
  3. Gravelless leachfield and septic pipe
  4. Modular construction permits configurations that match trench dimensions for all system shapes and sizes.
  5. Constructed to maximize storage and absorption efficiency
  6. Capability to contour around trees and landscaping on slopes
  7. This lightweight system is ideal for repairs and tight job sites
  8. Hand-carried easily into place, reducing labor time
  9. With simple snap-on internal couplers, you can get lengths of 5′ and 10′.
  10. Eliminating stones makes cleanup easier
  11. Made from recycled materials and not from a natural resource.
  12. There are many configurations and diameters available to suit the needs of any professional who installs.
  13. Approved in numerous jurisdictions with a higher efficiency rating, which reduces the size of drainfields
  14. Supported by the industry leader in onsite wastewater

EZflow is compatible with almost all septic leach fields and leach beds. EZflow is compatible with any type of pipe and stone. This includes installation of trenches, beds, and elevated mounds.

This Type Of Pipe Is Used To Drain Septic Tanks

Perforated PVC pipes are used for leach pipes. The pipes are often buried in gravel or sand to encourage the product to seep into the soil.

It Is Difficult To Run A Line From A Septic Tank.

You must ensure that the septic tank is not too close to your property line when it is being installed. To ensure the tank is not too far from your property line, measure the distance.

Do Septic Tank Lids Need To Be Buried?

Most components of the septic tanks, including the lid, are usually buried between 4 and 4 feet below the ground. You will need to dig for the lid unless the septic tank is equipped with special risers.

You Can Drive Over The Ez Drainage

EZflow drainage systems can withstand wheel loading of one pass and light vehicle loads up to 16,000 lbs each axle, provided that the product is installed in a trench with 12 inches of compacted soil placed over the bundles.

You Will Need Gravel For Ez Drain

EZ Drain Gravel Free French Drain System is much faster than traditional French drain pipes and gravel systems. This system does not require the backbreaking work to haul and shovel large quantities of gravel and rock to fill the trench. It doesn’t require any heavy lifting.

You Should Not Allow Dirt To Accumulate On The Top Of Your Septic Tank

The thickness of each layer should not exceed 24 inches and be approximately equal around the perimeter. Compaction under the haunch, or bottom curvature in some tanks, is best done in 6-12 inch layers.

My Septic Tank Has Reached Its Maximum Capacity

  1. You are having trouble flushing the toilet or your toilet is backing up. …
  2. Pipes can make a loud gurgling sound, or drain very slowly. …
  3. Your lawn suddenly grows lush green grass. …
  4. Your yard will begin to seep into the water. …
  5. Your home or yard smells like… well, sewage.

Add To My Septic Tank

Place plastic sheets, bark or gravel over the drainfield. Re-shape the ground and fill in the reserve area. It is acceptable to add topsoil to the ground, but not more than a few inches.

The Best Drain Cleaners For Septic Systems

The Drano Max Gel Clot Remover is our top pick. It’s an affordable, but effective solution that can be used on different pipes and septic systems.

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