Ez breathe ventilation system cost

The E-Z Breathe Ventilation System maintains optimum humidity levels. When compared to a regular dehumidifier that might cost up to $50 per month, the E-Z Breathe Ventilation System is a fraction of the cost!

Is it true that the average house’s foundation absorbs 10-15 gallons of water vapor every DAY? This absorption through your home’s foundation accounts for 80% of your indoor airborne dampness.

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The EZ Breathe effectively removes dampness and stale air, making it an excellent choice if you don’t want to use a dehumidifier. The EZ Breathe replaces many traditional dehumidifiers by thoroughly removing moisture and impurities from the air. With just 40 watts of power usage, the EZ Breathe costs about $30 a month to run.

During the day, there’s a lot more air moving in and out of your home through its walls or floor than at night. The primary cause of polluted air that travels throughout your house when the vapor dries is high levels of humidity. Soil gases and other harmful fluids enter your house via cracks, holes, and gaps, accumulating in your cellar.

Is it possible to eliminate the musty smell from my basement with a dehumidifier?

Mold and mildew development are typically to blame for this damp, earthy scent. Overall, musty odor in your house and basement may be eradicated by using efficient ventilation, well-designed windows, and dehumidsifiers.

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