Enviro Septic Systems

The innovative on-site wastewater treatment system has revolutionized the industry! This innovative onsite treatment system can remove approximately 98% the wastewater pollutants, while also recycling pure water back into the environment while recharging water resources. Enviro-Septic is patented and patent-pending.Enviro-Septic is an effective, passive onsite wastewater treatment system for residential, commercial, and community use. Enviro-Septic will treat the wastewater that is discharged from the septic tank prior to when it gets dispersed into the soil by through the natural bacteria.

How Does It Perform?

Systems O)) is the most simple wastewater treatment system available on the market. It does not have moving parts , and it doesn’t require cleaned stones, however it is easy to set up. The system creates Level IV quality effluent and however, it doesn’t require any electrical or mechanical components. Plus, the O)) system O)) generally uses less space than traditional treatment and wastewater systems.

It is important to note that the Enviro-Septic Systems haven’t just revolutionized the method by which the wastewater treatment process is viewed from a practical viewpoint, but they also have a positive impact on the environment. They have also revolutionized the way wastewater is treated. Enviro-Septic system is also at the forefront with regard to their ecological sustainability.The Advanced Enviro-Septic system is an ingenuous Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment System that is completely passive and non-mechanical, making it one of the few carbon footprints within the industry of wastewater treatment. The advanced systems for septic can be used for virtually every commercial or residential application including municipal wastewater plants.With Enviro-Septic Technology, individuals and companies no longer have to depend on old mechanical systems that could compromise the safety and health of our environment and people. Australia can depend upon Advanced Enviro Septic Passive Systems using the Septic Tank but they are treated with the highest quality standards, without any chlorine, electricity or maintenance.


Does Not Require Power

There are no mechanical components to activate or wires to dig and no extra costs No worries!

No Maintenance

The technology doesn’t require replacement or draining of filter media. Nor does it require any maintenance on mechanical components.


20-year warranty. Our first septic systems are now more than 30 years old, and they continue to offer their best performance.


How Much Less Small Is The Aes Or Enviro-Septic(R) System In Comparison To A Traditional System?

The size of an average AES as well as an Enviro-Septic(r) System differs between states; however, you should expect at the very least a 40% decrease in the size of your field. This could translate to lower costs for installation.

How Do You Think Enviro-Septic(R) Technology Last?

When the equipment is properly designed correctly, installed and maintained and properly, there is no limit to the longevity that can be expected from Enviro-Septic(r) technology. If the System fails due to abuse the AES system or Enviro-Septic(r) can be restored within a matter of 72 hours, thus eliminating the requirement for replacement.

What Is The Effect Of Garbage Disposal Effect Enviro-Septic(R) Technology?

In the event that the tank designed for use with garbage disposals and is equipped with baffles it is the AES as well as the Enviro-Septic(r) system’s dimensions do not require adjustment because of garbage disposal.The usage of a garbage disposer adds significantly more solids to an septic system that aren’t typically found. This usually requires a bigger tank for septic (or one with multiple tanks) in addition to more frequently pumping. Be sure to inform your system engineer of your plans of installing garbage disposals due to this reason.Often garbage disposals are put in place at a later time after the System is in place. If this is the case, we suggest you to ensure that your AES as well as the Enviro-Septic(r) Treatment bed is raised by 10 percent.

What Can Be Planted Above The Aes Enviro-Septic(R) Treatment Field?

Grasses, native wildflowers , and ground cover with a shallow root are the most appropriate alternatives for planting over the treatment area. It is recommended that no trees be placed within 10 feet. from any part of the treatment field in order to protect the system caused by roots infiltration. Avoid planting water-loving trees and plants (willows bamboo, willows, etc.) and also gardens that are intended to be used for human consumption close to the drainage field. Additionally the addition of too much soil over the drain field may cause the system to collapse when it isn’t venting.

Why is System Sand Important?

It is believed that the System Sand that surrounds the AES and Enviro-Septic(r) pipes increases oxygen supply and helps in an efficient distribution system for treated waste. To ensure that to allow the System Sand to perform optimally, it is essential that the appropriate kind and quantity of System Sand is utilized in the construction of the System. We advise installers to have an analysis of the sieve to make sure that the sand provided is in compliance with System Sand specifications. Check out our Technibulletin for more details regarding System Sand functions and the significance of having an analysis of the sieve.

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