Eljen Septic System Cost USA & Canada: 2024

A septic system failure is factored into one’s budget. Installing a new house septic system can cost anywhere from $4,000 to over $20,000. If the system isn’t kept up with, the soil surrounding it might get blocked, allowing sewage to overflow into the ground or back up into the home.

SystemUSA Cost (average)Canada Cost (average)
Eljen Aurora$12,000$15,000
Eljen Aquarius$15,000$18,000
Eljen Oasis$18,000$21,000
Eljen Triton$21,000$24,000
Eljen Estuary$24,000$27,000
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Eljen Septic System Cost USA & Canada [2024]

Understanding Septic System Costs and Maintenance

Septic system failures can be unexpectedly costly, ranging from $4,000 to over $20,000 for new installations. Lack of maintenance often leads to soil clogging, resulting in sewage overflow or backup into homes, creating significant financial burdens for homeowners.

Preventive Measures for Long-Term Savings

Investing in regular maintenance, such as avoiding harmful materials in the system and scheduling septic tank pumping every three years, proves to be a minimal investment for long-term protection, preventing premature system failures.

Eljen Corporation’s Innovative Solutions

Drawing from over 35 years of experience, Eljen Corporation offers cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies. Their systems excel in scenarios with space limitations or specific treatment level requirements.

Breakthrough Technology: Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter System

The Eljen GSF System utilizes patented Bio-Matt™ pre-treatment, processing septic effluent twice for superior soil absorption. Its innovative design allows it to outperform in smaller areas, enhancing overall system performance.

Understanding Household Sewage Composition

The composition of household sewage, originating from various sources, significantly influences system design. Homeowners who grasp its nature can better tailor their systems for optimal performance.

System Components and Inspection

A standard septic system comprises a tank and buried disposal system, necessitating inspections for potential problems or damage. Eljen’s systems, certified to NSF Standard 40, prioritize enhanced effluent quality for better soil absorption.

Eljen’s Mantis Series: Enhanced Disposal Technology

The Mantis Series disperses clarified effluent into native soil using proprietary filtering methods. Featuring 3-D Mini-Trenches™, it enhances effluent quality, ensuring long-term soil acceptance rates and system reliability.

Maintenance for Longevity and Efficiency

Comprehending these systems’ operations and proactive maintenance is crucial. It guarantees an extended lifespan, efficient operation, and helps homeowners avoid expensive repairs, ensuring years of trouble-free service.

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