Eljen GSF

The Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter is an alternative to onsite septic field systems. Eljen Corporation is a leader in the onsite wastewater industry with over 35 years of experience and tens to thousands of systems in use. Experts in the field and regulatory officials recognize the GSF as one of today’s most reliable wastewater treatment technologies.

These are used when space is limited or a specific treatment is required. The system area will depend on the number of bedrooms in your home, the state or local regulations, and site characteristics (such as what kind of soils and where is the water table, and any other limiting factors like bedrock/ledgerock).

The Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter is composed of geotextile fabric with a core material made from plastic. This allows for vertical surface area in each Module, and facilitates oxygen transfer.

Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter Systems

An alternative to on-site septic field systems is the Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter.

GSF modules are made up of a geotextile fabric combined with a core material. These materials work together to increase oxygen transfer and vertical surface area. The soil is treated with the effluent to increase its long-term acceptability. An additional layer of sand is added to the soil to provide filtration. It also prevents saturation. The Eljen GSF (Geotextile sand filter) is an alternative to onsite septic field systems. Third-party and independent testing are used to evaluate each GSF Module. It is composed of geotextile fabric with a core material made from plastic that works together to provide oxygen transfer and vertical surface area.

GSF System Works

Eljen’s GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter) is an alternative to onsite septic field systems. Independent testing by third parties validates the GSF’s performance under various conditions. The system consists of a primary treatment area (containing the GSF module) and a second treatment zone (Specified sand layer). A perforated pipe is placed over the GSF Module. This distributes the septic effluent into corrugations made by the plastic core.


  1. It is lightweight and easy to use.
  2. Site installation is flexible and has a low impact.
  3. Offers both treatment and disposal on the same footprint.
  4. Unique design allows for greater biological treatment of contaminants and nutrients.
  5. This takes the responsibility of treating and developing biomats from the native soil.

Installation Images

These images will help you to understand the construction and layout of Eljen GSF Systems. These images are not intended to be used as a guideline. We can provide guidance if you call before you start a job or bid on a job.

Eljen GSF Primary Treat Zone

  1. To distribute septic effluent, the perforated pipe is placed above the GSF module to overflow into the corrugations made by the GSF Core.
  2. The Bio-Matt, fabric filters septic effluent. The unique design of the GSF Module allows for an increased biological treatment surface that is much larger than its footprint.
  3. The GSF Module has open-air channels that support aerobic bacterial growth. This is in addition to the module’s geotextile fabric interface. It exceeds traditional absorption systems.
  4. A geotextile fabric that is anti-siltation covers the top and sides the GSF Module. It protects the soil and Specified Sand from clogging and maintains effluent storage within it.

Eljen GSF Secondary Wastewater treatment

Specified Sand protects the soil from compaction and acts as a filler to prevent cracks from forming in the ground.

The filtered effluent is drained into the Specified Sand layer. It has a precise grain size that allows for unsaturated flow into the native soil.

The groundwater is recharged by the native soil, which acts as the final filter layer.

System for Shallow Soils with Eljen GSF

The layout and construction of Eljen GSF Systems on Sites with less than 20″ to the limiting Zone (sites that don’t support the use of a sand mound.

Eljen GSF Basic Installation

These are the photos we would like you to view if you’re installing Eljen GSF systems in Pennsylvania for the very first time. These are the pictures we want to show you if you’re installing an Eljen GSF system in Pennsylvania for the first time. The Eljen GSF permits evapotranspiration as well as oxygen exchange to improve effluent treatment.

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