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The company was founded in 1970. Eljen Corporation created the world’s first prefabricated drainage system designed for foundation drainage, as well as erosion control. In the late 1980s, they began to introduce the Geotextile Sand Filter products to aid in the advanced passive treatment of on-site wastewater for commercial and residential applications. They are now the leader worldwide in offering innovative solutions and products for protecting the environment as well as public health.

How Eljen’s Gsf System Functions

Every GSF Module is composed of a geotextile fabric as well as the plastic core material which combine to create the vertical surface area as well as oxygen transfer. GSF System GSF System applies treated effluent to the soil, which increases the soil’s longevity of acceptance.

The Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter System consists of a proprietary two-stage Bio-Matt(tm) pre-treatment process, the GSF Modules apply a better-than-secondary aerobic effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent. This results in a better treatment with a smaller area of absorption.

Primary Treatment Zone

Perforated pipe is placed over the GSF Module to spread septic effluent and into corrugations made by the cuspated central core within the GSF Module.Septic effluent is then filtered via this Bio-Matt(tm) material. The unique design of the GSF Module gives a greater surface area for biological treatment that significantly outdoes the module’s footprint.Open air channels inside The GSF Module support aerobic bacterial development on the Geotextile fabric interface, exceeding the amount of surface required by conventional absorption methods.

Secondary Treatment Zone

Additionally, it protects soil from compaction Specified Sand serves as a filler and prevents crevices and cracks from forming in the soil. Effluent drips into the Sand layer and facilitates the non-saturated flow into the soil. The interface between soil and Specified Sand maintains soil structure, thus maximizing the absorption potential of the soil. The Specified Sand helps in nitrification of the effluent. This reduces the need for oxygen in the soil, which reduces the risk of obstruction by the anaerobic bacteria.The Specified Sand layer also shields soil from compaction and assists to maintain crevices and cracks within the soil. This protects soil’s natural capacity to absorb water which is particularly important for soils with finer texture which have large channels that are essential for the long-term success.

How the Gsf System Works

Instead of on-site field systems for septic leach, Eljen offers its GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter). Testing conducted by independent third parties confirms the efficiency of the GSF under various conditions, however, the system is comprised of an initial area of treatment (containing GSF Module) GSF Module) as well as a secondary area of treatment (Specified the Sand Layer). On top of it, the GSF Module is perforated pipe which distributes the septic effluent to the corrugations produced by the core of plastic.

A Specified Sand Layer

Every one of the Eljen GSF Systems must be installed with ASTM C33 sand that passes less than 10 percent through a #100 sieve and not more than 5percent in a #200 sieve in order to make sure that the system is operating correctly. This specification is essential for a successful secondary treatment process before the wastewater is reintroduced back into the soil in its native form.

What Is The Most Effective Alternative Septic System?

Mound systems can be used as alternative to septic tanks if you find that the ground around your house or structure is too dense or shallow, or when you have a water table that is high. While they cost more and require more upkeep than traditional systems mound systems, they’re an alternative that is widely used.

How Do You Dry Out The Leach Field?

Conserve Water Cutting down on water use in your home by 30 percent could dry out a leach field. Reduce water consumption by replacing standard faucets as well as toilet faucets by low-flow models and fixing any faucet or toilet leaks. Reduce water sent to the septic system by reusing water in the landscape where appropriate.The Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter System is comprised of a proprietary two-stage Bio-Matt(tm) pre-treatment process, the GSF Modules apply a better-than-secondary aerobic effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent.septic systems (tank and absorption system, or onsite wastewater disposal systems) will not fail immediately if they are not pumped. However, a poorly maintained septic tank will no longer protect it from soil-absorbing solids.The sole system that can pre-treat effluent from leach fields using the patented biomat filtering process.Smaller dimensions and a more compact design drastically reduces overall system cost.

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