Eco Sewer Systems

Eco Sewer Systems

All sewage treatment plants depend on living organisms for the breakdown of biological and chemical wastes. Modern sewage treatment can be compared to traditional treatment plants. It reduces harmful compounds in sewage water. Eco Safe Wastewater Treatment has been in operation since over 20 years.

The sewage treatment plants clean household waste and eventually release almost pure water. They are therefore recommended. * Your sewage will be broken down by red worms or organisms, just like in a compost.

The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Home Sewage Treatment

We are increasingly conscious of the importance of choosing eco-friendly and sustainable options. Pollution is now at an alarming level, and is a major global concern. We are less likely to use single-use plastics and more inclined to recycle, eat healthy, and use solar or wind power whenever possible.

Modern sewage treatment is an eco-friendly process. This involves reducing the harmful chemicals in sewage water, which could otherwise cause harm to natural ecosystems and human health.

Ecoflo’s biofilter is the best septic system and will protect your property and the future. This gentle treatment system uses no energy to remove wastewater pollutants. It is made from coconut husk fragments, or a combination of coco moss and peat moss.

VORTEX Eco Wastewater Treatment Plant

The VORTEX(tm), Eco Electric sewage treatment system is the best in the UK. It is much more affordable to operate than any other non-electric treatment plant

This plant is the only fully adjustable UK sewage treatment plant. It’s ideal for low occupancy situations which can cause major problems for other treatment plants. It can be turned up or down with a simple hand-turn lever. It uses the lowest electricity to achieve the highest effluent standards.

Electricity and Sewage Treatment

Modern home sewage treatment plants almost always use electricity to run. Modern sewage treatment is essentially increasing the oxygen levels in the sewage water to speed up the treatment process. Most sewage treatment plants use an air blower to add oxygen to the sewage.

The VORTEX(tm), Sewage Treatment System

  1. Amazingly clean effluent treatment, up to 98.9% pollution reduction
  2. This is the most efficient sewage treatment facility. Click here to view The VORTEX uses so little electricity.
  3. Complete aerobic digestion in the sewage treatment plants ensures that there is no odor
  4. Installations in areas with limited space are possible thanks to the small footprint.
  5. The VORTEX(tm), unlike other similar sewage plants, has a unique debris screening. Tampons are not a problem for the treatment process.
  6. Unique SLUDGED MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE – improves treatment performance, reduces plant servicing costs and lowers maintenance requirements.
  7. A visual alarm is available for blower malfunction.
  8. The VORTEX(tm sewage treatment system) recycles its own waste products to be re-digestion
  9. This plant is the only fully-adjustable sewage treatment facility in the UK. It is ideal for low occupancy situations that can cause major problems for many treatment plants.

Eco Friendly Home Sewage Treatment Plan

A home sewage treatment facility that is eco-friendly should only use electricity as needed. Modern sewage treatment plants are dominated by the air blowers as their main electrical component. The main electrical components of a modern sewage treatment plant are the air blowers. They should not be running continuously. Instead, they should only activate when raw sewage enters the system.

EcoCell On-Site Sewage Systems

EcoCell’s domestic sewage system ‘flows with nature’ uses no energy, adds ecological value to your property and is known as’reedbeds’. The EcoCell is a living filter that purifies water through natural processes. It provides a cost-effective and safe wastewater solution for your family’s requirements.

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