Eco Pod Septic System

The ECOPOD N Fixed Film Wastewater Treatment System that you purchased creates superior quality water that is suitable for different disposal techniques. It’s used to improve the wastewater treatment on your site system.Delta ECOPOD Advanced Commercial Wastewater Treatment Units provide capacities of treatment ranging from 1500 to 250,000 gallons a day in constructed treatment plants designed that are suitable for both commercial and decentralized treatment needs.Delta ECOPOD-N Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units offer an innovative method of the treatment of wastewater on site when nitrogen reduction is required. The ECOPOD-N system has been evaluated under NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 standards with an overall reduction in nitrogen greater than 50%. It also has exceeded the Class 1 requirements, and an effluent grade at 9 mg/L BOD5 as well as 8 mg/L TSS.The terms Septic Pods Filter-Pods, Septic Pods, and related terms refer to an array of sophisticated wastewater or sewage treatment systems that can be used for homes with a single family as well as larger-scale installations. They include at a minimum those mentioned below.

It will be apparent that the term “pod” (or “septic pod” is utilized in various ways, however, apart from the septic tank “treatment pods” authentic septic pod systems are all based on an aerated chamber which distributes the effluent of septic via an aerated media (man-made or made from plants).

Delta Ecopod-N , a Wastewater Treatment System that is advanced:

Oxygen is introduced into the system, allowing bacteria to flourish and multiply at a higher rate than is normal. In this “overpopulation” of bacteria accelerates the process of *breaking down the sewage, which makes it safe to releases into the natural environment.

* ECOPOD-N units dramatically lower BOD, TSS, fecal bacteria, and the amount of nutrients found in wastewater.

* Denitrification and Nitrification happen in one tank.

Fixed-film is a process that is extremely solid, durable and stable. Fixed-film is a popular treatment method for wastewater onsite treatment systems.

The case of British Columbia, Canada, the guidelines are set out in the manual for standard practices published from the Ministry of Health Services and periodically updated.

The typical setup includes trash tanks, the reactor tank, and, if necessary an additional pump chamber (fiberglass or concrete) with the housing for the media, which houses the media (growth media). It is a specially engineered plastic device, specifically created to provide the best conditions for the growth of biomass.The biomass forms the basis of the ad hoc growth of bacteria that is capable of digesting (breaking down) biodegradable waste into carbon dioxide and water.An external air blower is attached to the tank used for reactor to supply the needed oxygen (oxygen) into the entire system. There aren’t any moving mechanical components or filters within this ECOPOD water treatment process, so there aren’t any replacement or cleaning parts within the tanks for the reactor.

Additionally to BOD as well as TSS ammonia nitrogen is among the contaminants that are not wanted in water. For the ECOPOD system there is a 60%or more removal rate for total nitrogen is typical. The outcome of this process is clear, odorless discharge that will meet and often exceed Health Department standards.


  • The fixed film process offers the most robust solution for use in intermittent or continuous usage
  • Installations are simple and flexible in tanks we provide or in tanks supplied by third party
  • Flexible design allows plants to be placed below, above , or above grade
  • There are no mechanical parts that are inside the unit ECOPOD is easy to maintain. ECOPOD is easy to maintain.
  • Specifically designed to limit the production of sludge, resulting in lower pumps out cycles
  • Costs of life with low cycle and low maintenance requirements
  • Support via an expert engineering team who work as an extension of the team
  • The range of options is vast, ranging that range from 500-100,000 GPD
  • Remote mount air compressor.
  • Low cost investment and cost-efficient operation.
  • Pre-engineered, simple to install.


  • ECOPOD Units significantly reduce BOD TSS, fecal and fecal coliforms and nutrients in water.
  • Denitrification and Nitrification take place in the same tank.
  • Fixed film is a process that is characterized as robust, stable and robust. Fixed film is the preferred treatment method for wastewater onsite treatment systems.
  • Oxygen is introduced into the system which allows the bacteria to thrive and multiply significantly more than what would naturally occur. In this “overpopulation” of organisms speed up in the breakdown of waste, making it safe to releases into the natural environment.

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