Eco Friendly Products For Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks: Eco-Friendly Products

Popular topic is the eco-friendly septic tank. The eco-friendly septic tank system is exceptional in processing greywater and everyday waste in an environmentally friendly manner. A septic system is one of the most popular sewage disposal systems. A typical septic system includes a septic tank and splitter box*. Septic tanks are typically made of concrete or fiberglass and are watertight. They are also equipped with a riser. The drain field is typically made of drain rock and perforated 5 inch pipe. Regular maintenance, combined with water conservation and good waste disposal habits, can maximize system efficiency and prolong the life span of most sewer systems.

It may not be difficult to clean an eco-septic tank system. You can simply switch from any harsh chemicals you used to deep clean your sink, toilet and other drains.

Muck Munchers are microbes that have been specifically designed to maintain healthy bacteria in septic tanks. They can effectively clean your system by reducing organic solids, sludge accumulation, and eating any natural material that may be leaking into your soakaway.

Safe Cleaning Of Septic Tanks

Biodegradable ingredients

Many of our ingredients are naturally biodegradable because they are plant-based. Synthetic chemicals can build up as they don’t get broken down. Biodegradable ingredients, however, will naturally decompose without any environmental harm.

Natural And Plant-Based Ingredients

Ecozone formulas, which are made with plant-based ingredients but contain very little chemical content, do not cause any toxins to be harmful to your septic tank or the natural water system. It is important to avoid chemicals and toxins in your septic tank.

What Products Are Compatible With A Septic System?

Antibacterial Cleaners, Disinfectants

These products are not required for most home cleaning. The strong chemicals in many of these cleaners will kill the bacteria that your septic tank requires to function. Ecozone offers a range of cleaners that are safe for your septic tank. The multi-surface cleaner is antibacterial and kills 99.9% bacteria without causing damage to the septic tank.

Chlorine Bleach

It can cause bacteria to be killed in your septic tanks if it is used too often. However, it can also harm aquatic life. We never use chlorine bleach in our products to protect wildlife and your septic tank. Pure oxygen brightening tablets and Power whitening tablets work just like chlorine bleach cleaners but they don’t contain chlorine bleach so you can be sure that your septic tank and wildlife aren’t being damaged.

Chemical Drain

The chemicals in cleaners can cause damage to your septic tank, even though they are powerful. It can cause damage to your septic tanks and have the same effect as other chemicals being washed through your pipes. Ecozone’s Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks are a great option for a year of maintenance. They break down organic matter using natural bacteria and enzymes, protecting your drains from clogs. Ecozone’s plughole hair Unblocker and kitchen drain unblocker are safe for septic tanks and contain non-toxic, non-corrosive enzymes.

Tips For Septic System Maintenance

Make sure there is good drainage around your drain field.

Keep groundwater, including sump pump discharge, out of the drain field

Keep a lawn cover over the drain field.

Keep chemicals, phosphates, non biodegradables, etc. Keep chemicals, phosphates, and non-biodegradables out of your sewage system.

The septic tank should be emptied at least every five years or as needed.

To limit or prevent overload, monitor water consumption.

Use a garbage disposal only for your personal use.

You should keep fat, oil and grease out of your system.

Keep The Bacteria In Your Septic Tank Topped Up

We recommend that you consider the health and safety of your septic tanks’ bacteria when considering eco-septic tank ownership.

It is unlikely that your environment can break down any material flushed into your system by your septic tank bacteria.

Although microbes living in your septic tank are fairly stable in their structure, they still require help to maintain a healthy population. This means that you should keep the population high and avoid flushing or releasing anything other than natural materials. Chemicals are prohibited.

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