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The Van Gogh Museum Bedroom XM is an espresso machine made by DeLonghi. It comes in three sizes: XS, S and M. It is available in four colours: white, black, red and silver. It also comes in two different finishes: matte and glossy. The dimensions of the coffee maker are as follows: Height: 68 mm, Top diameter: 74 mm, Bottom diameter: 48 mm, Weight: 95 g. The coffee maker is suitable for use up to 100 ° C. It is fully dishwasher safe. The price of the coffee maker ranges from £69.99 to £119.99.

Super Cute Bamboo Cups for Kids Eco Friendly Kids Cups Oz Pack

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Brand BeeBon Beauty Home is an adorable product. It is perfect for babies and toddlers. This product is also dishwasher safe.

Review Reusable Ecoffee Bamboo Coffee Cup vs KeepCup

“The problem with plastic is that it takes hundreds of years to decompose. So when we throw away something, we should think about what happens next. In fact, we need to do more than just recycle, we need to reuse or repurpose. This could be anything from using old clothes as rags, to making your own cleaning products. But there are also some great ways to use up those unwanted plastic items.”

You can use a reusable cup to avoid wasting paper cups. Some places offer discounts for bringing your own cup. You can also get a discount by buying a refillable cup.

Bamboo is an excellent material for making cups. It is strong and durable. Unlike plastic or paper, bamboo does not leach chemicals into your drink. Bamboo is also biodegradable. So if you recycle your cup, you can be sure that it will decompose naturally. You can use bamboo cups for hot drinks as well as cold ones. And because it is made from natural materials, eco-friendly bamboo cups are environmentally friendly too.

Why a Reusable KeepCup?

My primary reason for getting a Kepcup was my concern over the environment. Imagine the impact being made by millions of single- use, non-recyclables cups. But I‘ll be totally honest. Their looks are really cool. If I am going to save the world I might as well look good doing so.

This is a very nice cup for your coffee or tea. You can put ice cubes inside it if you want. It is made of soda lime glass which is tough, but not unbreakably. It is also recyclable.

The cork band is a good choice for protecting your notebook. It is easy to clean, and it does not scratch the surface of your laptop. However, it is recommended that you do not use the dishwasher to clean it.

The cup is made from waste material from wine cork manufacturing. It is very light weight, but it is also quite expensive.

You get what you pay for applies here. Applying the fashion principle of price per wear, you’ve got a solid investment.

About this item

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ⚠️MADE FOR LITTLEHANDS – These lightweightbamboo cupsare only 3×3. 25”small,so toddlerscan gripit easily.It’sperfectfor teachingkidsself-feedingand tohandlengiftson theirown.⚠️ADORABLEDESIGNS -Thiscupsetbrings4superfunkid-approvedcharactersinto yourkitchen.Yourlittleoneswilllovethecolorfuldog,cat,dinosaur,andfoxdesignsallaround the cup.

Mom and Dad should be proud of their eco-conscious choice. This cup is dishwasher friendly so there’s no need to scrub or clean it in the sink. It’s also stackable and easy to stor when not in use. It’s made with bamboo fiber that doesn’t contain any plastic or BPA!

🥤 Quality you can trust – Our artsy cute cup is durable, unbreakable and made to last a long time. It’s perfect cup to accompany your children as they grow through the ages.


Drinking cups should be given to children as soon as possible. Most of the cups available today contain harmful substances such as BPA, lead, or phthalates. Your kid may get sick if he drinks out of these cups. You can buy cups that are safe for your child. Also, there are many different designs and colors to choose from. Your kid will love having his own cup!

The set of four bamboo cups for kids includes two cups with handles, two without. All four cups are made of bamboo and are dishwasher safe. The cups are also microwave and oven safe.

Bamboo Coffee Cup On Trial

The bamboo coffee cup I tried was an Ecoffee Cup made by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS). This company is dedicated to protecting our beaches from pollution. They believe that we should be drinking coffee out of cups that are as green as the environment we drink them from. Their mission is ‘galvanising communities and encouraging people to protect our beautiful coasts’.

The paper cup is light, making it easy to carry around. It holds 400ml of liquid, perfect for a long coffee like an Americano or Cappucino. It’s cheaper to buy than a KeepCup but feels more expensive due to the paper material.

You should get rid of your iPod because you’re clumsy.

Are Bamboo Cups Safe?

The cup is made from bamboo fibre, which is natural and organic. It is also free from BPA, Phthalate and Petrochemical plastic. However, there is a risk of toxins leaching into your food or drinks if heated above 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bamboo is a very sustainable material. It requires no pesticides or fertilizers. It grows quickly and uses minimal energy. It is made out of recycled plastic. You can compost the cup and recycle the lid and bands.

Most bamboo coffee cups can be placed in the dishwasher. However, due to the melamine please do not place a bamboo cup in a microwave. Always read the packaging/label before using.


Metal and plastic cups are designed to be used by children without hurting them. These cups are made thick so that the surface stays cool to the touch.

Benefits from BeeBon Beauty Home’s Bamboo Cups for Kids

With its unique shape, this product is made of bamboo fiber, a more sustainable alternative to plastic, light weight and durable. This product is easy to clean, non toxic, lead free, phthalate free, bpa free, dishwasher safe and has an adorable design. It is perfect size, easy to hold and super cute.


Grab our PDF guide with 104 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic At Home. You’ll Find Tons Of Tips For Refusing, Reducing, Swapping, Recycling, Replacing And So Much More!

Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup vs KeepCup Winner Takes It All

The eco-friendly coffee cup is made from bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly plant. It is also quite sturdy and durable. However, it is not as easy to clean as other cups.

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