Driver Power Seat Removal 2017 Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima Power Seat Removal

If you’re facing issues with your Nissan Altima’s power seat, it may be necessary to remove it for access to motors and wiring. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Initial Steps for Nissan Altima:
    • Driver’s seat raises and lowers, back goes forward and back, seat does not move.
    • The seat removal process involves three easily removable bolts, but the 4th, attached to the hump over the driveshaft, seems inaccessible.
  2. Cylinder Head Removal for 2.5L Engines:
    • Before servicing, follow necessary precautions.
    • Drain cooling system and engine oil.
    • Relieve fuel system pressure.
    • Disconnect various components such as negative battery cable, radiator hose, heater hose, fuse/relay box, and more.
    • Loosen cylinder head bolts and remove the cylinder head.

Honda Accord Front Seat Removal

For those dealing with a 2015 Honda Accord and needing to remove the front seat, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation for Honda Accord:
    • Ensure you have anti-theft codes for the radio and navigation system.
    • Tilt the steering wheel up and telescope it in.
    • Note down frequencies for preset buttons.
  2. Front Seat Removal for Honda Accord:
    • For passenger’s seat, unlock the lower anchor by inserting a screwdriver through the hole in the front seat belt lower anchor.
    • Slide the seat forward, remove seat track end covers, and access seat mounting bolts.
    • Disconnect the negative cable if equipped with a side airbag, and remove the bolts securing the front seat.
    • Lift the front seat, detach harness clip, and disconnect the connector with the help of an assistant.
    • Carefully remove the front seat through the front door opening.
  3. Installation Tips for Honda Accord:
    • Apply thread lock to front seat mounting bolts before reinstallation.
    • Ensure each connector is plugged in properly.
    • Tighten the seat mounting bolts in the specified torque sequence.
  4. Additional Notes for Honda Accord:
    • Check for twists or kinks in seat belts before attaching lower anchor bolts.
    • Reconnect the negative cable if equipped with a side airbag.
    • Enter anti-theft codes, radio station presets, and reset the clock.

Addressing Specific Seat Concerns

If you’re dealing with specific issues related to the seat cover or cushion, consider the following:

  • Seat Cover Wear in Nissan Altima:
    • If you notice a hard raised spot in the foam causing fabric wear, consider removing the cushion from the frame and the seat cover.
    • Exercise caution due to sensors and wiring in the seats.
  • Honda Accord Seat Fabric Wear:
    • If you observe a hard line on the side of the seat where you sit, sanding this spot down can prevent accelerated fabric wear.
    • Be mindful of potential sensors and wiring within the seats.

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