Diesel Truck Oil Change Cost [Beginners’s Vehicle Guide]

Although it may appear to be it’s a costly process but changing the oil on a diesel vehicle isn’t really that expensive than one that’s on gasoline-powered vehicles. The diesel oil change usually lasts between about 7000 and 10,000 miles unlike a gasoline oil replacement, which requires replacement of the fluid after five miles. This is due to the burning process in diesel engines requires less frequent oil changes.

If you’re a trucker owner-operator or possess several trucks the cost of semi-truck oil replacement is likely to be on the top of your list of concerns. You’re aware that with so many miles to travel, your vehicle is likely to require frequent preventative maintenance and you’re aware it’s vital to keep your vehicle in good condition. This article will break it all into pieces for you. If you’re wondering how much a truck engine oil replacement cost there’s a myriad of factors to take into consideration.

Routine oil change is vital to ensure that your engine is operating at its peak. Regular oil changes will help you maintain the efficiency of your engine properly lubricated which reduces friction and damages to wear metals that could cause breakdown and reduce the engine’s lifespan. In addition, regular maintenance on your vehicle will improve its efficiency in the use of fuel. There are numerous places to stop along the route. Each having each having their own costs.

Oil Change Intervals

The typical interval between oil changes for semi-trucks varies between 10,000 to 25000 miles. There are a variety of factors that determine how long your truck will last between oil change intervals, such as the age of the vehicle as well as your routine of driving. Furthermore, every brand and model comes with its own guidelines on the frequency of changing the oil, based on the way you use the vehicle.

Cost of oil change Semi-Trucks

The full service oil changes for semi-trucks from LubeZone truck Lube Center includes draining of oil and disposal as well as the installation of new fuel filters coolant test, grease job and checking the level of fluid within your gear boxes and topping up the windshield washer fluid.

Lubricant Brands And Services At LubeZone

A semi-truck’s oil change cost could also depend on the brand and type of lubricant and filters that your vehicle needs. We at LubeZone Truck Lube Center, we use only the finest quality products to keep your vehicle running at its peak.

Additional Services are Available at LubeZone Truck Lube Center

With our full range of PM-related services to your vehicle we can cater to many of your requirements in just one place. The ability to handle multiple services at once can reduce how often you’ll have to stop and help you maximize your time in the road. We understand that this is essential for most drivers. When you’re traveling, and time is money, and it’s not feasible to make frequent stops to fix minor issues.

Why Is A Diesel Oil Change More Expensive?

An oil replacement for diesel is comparable to an oil change that is regular. There are some differences. For one diesel engines need more oil. Furthermore, diesel engines need greater temperatures and speed and therefore, it is essential to replace the oil more often.

A diesel oil change is likely to cost more than an ordinary oil change, because the diesel oil and fuel come with more expensive prices than gasoline. There are ways to cut down on the expense of changing your diesel oil. In the beginning, you must be aware that the cost of a diesel oil filter is likely to cost you around $20. whereas synthetic ones will cost between $70-120.

How Often Do You Change Oil In A Diesel Truck?

How often should you change the diesel engine’s oil vehicle? The answer is different for each kind of vehicle. The majority of diesel engines are capable of lasting for up to three hundred miles before needing oil changes, however certain models may require frequent oil changes. The recommended interval for oil changes for diesel pickups is five hundred miles or six months, based on the driver’s age and the type of vehicle used.

The oil changes for diesel vehicles require a different kind of oil that is not available for gasoline engines, and therefore need to be maintained by a diesel technician. If, however, you’re not sure how to change the oil on your own then you should consider purchasing an analysis tool to view how the internals of your engine work and figure out the frequency you’ll have to change the oil.

Is Maintenance Expensive On A Diesel Truck?

Does maintenance cost more on a Second-hand Diesel Truck? Yes, it’s. There are a few advantages of owning a diesel car. Not only does it cost you less however, the emissions of your vehicle can also help to keep the air healthy. If you’re experiencing difficulty getting your vehicle started is the time to replace the components which cause it to operate poor. Diesel engine require more regular maintenance than gasoline engines, and need higher-priced components.

Want A Fresh Start For Your Diesel Truck?

You might want to consider taking a BG Diesel Performance Oil Change during your next appointment. The service is designed to clean both fuel and oil systems. Also included is an oil conditioner, so you’ll be able to last further between changing your oil. What is the process?

  • BG 245 is a treatment for diesel fuel and cleanses combustion chambers and injectors. It will aid in restoring your diesel truck’s outstanding performance. It will also give you a smooth idle, and improve the efficiency of your fuel.
  • BG Engine Performance Restoration (EPR) cleans and gets rid of accumulations of deposits within the rings of pistons.

Your engine for your diesel truck needs the right mix of fuel and air to ensure the highest performance from your diesel truck regardless of whether you own a single diesel vehicle or have a collection of diesel vehicles. In order to keep your diesel truck top condition, diesel truck maintenance is critical. You should think about an BG Diesel Performance Oil change when you next visit. It can help reduce the wear and tear of your engine along with downtime, as well as expensive fuel costs, costing you less time and cash.

Is Maintenance On A Diesel Truck Expensive?

Maintenance for diesel engines is less expensive all-around, because diesel engines experience less problems than gas engines, however diesels cost more when they require repairs. The maintenance of a diesel engine will generally not be more expensive than gasoline powered versions dependent on the model of diesel vehicle you own.

Are Diesel Oil Changes Harder?

Diesel engines use more fuel than gas engines. They are more prone to dirt and the oil becomes more soiled because soot is released into the piston rings, and then into the crankcase. … In recent years there has been a rise in diesel-engine makers who are switching to synthetic oil because it has better lubrication and is able to be longer between changing.

Is Diesel Still Worth the Money?

Simply put it is recommended to buy diesel cars for those who regularly travel many miles at high speed, i.e. the regular motorway drive instead of numerous shorter journeys. Diesel vehicles offer better efficiency in fuel than their counterparts that run on petrol in addition to offering greater torque for those looking to tow or other similar.

Is A Diesel Truck A Good Investment?

Diesel-powered pickup truck engines generally offer significant gains in terms of fuel efficiency as well as towing capabilities and driving distance compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. But there’s one caveat that they cost many times more money than gas engines. … The cost of fuel in your local area can be a factor in the final decision.

What happens if you put the wrong oil in a Diesel Engine?

If you’ve used incorrect oil, the engine is louder or produces an unsettling sound when it starts due to the components working more to move. … When the engine isn’t functioning in the way it should, engine parts may not be properly lubricated enough and can cause friction which could cause the oil to burn.

Is Buying Diesel A Bad Idea?

Modern diesel engines are as clean as petrol engines with respect to NOx emissions. Diesel engines generally emit lower levels of CO2. Diesels are able to achieve great fuel efficiency on motorways. It’s definitely beneficial to buy a diesel car dependent on the purpose you intend to use the vehicle for.

Does Diesel Oil Go Black?

In the majority of cases, it’s normal that diesel oil turns black. This is usually noticed at least a hundred miles following the oil change. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the oil is dirty, or that the engine’s internals are dirty.

Diesel Oil Change Frequency

For gasoline-powered vehicles and trucks the norm is that oil needs to be replaced every 3000 miles or 3 months. However, this isn’t the case for vehicles equipped with diesel engines. For instance, let’s say that you only make only short excursions around town, and don’t often reach speeds of over 100 mph. If this is the case, you may have to change the oil of your diesel vehicle more frequently than a vehicle powered by diesel that regularly travels with highway-speeds.

Diesel Oil Change Process

What happens when you change the oil in your diesel? It’s not that much different from a normal oil change. The difference is in the type of oil used and the timing of service. The good thing is that regardless of whether you have a routine or diesel oil service, it is safe to trust your oil as well as the hands who will pour it in when you come at Firestone Complete Auto Care. We use only Pennzoil(r) as well as Shell Rotella(r).

Changing Diesel Oil At Home

Although you may be able to change the oil on your car’s diesel at your garage or in your driveway however, we wouldn’t recommend it. Here are two reasons why you should leave the job to professionals.


The benefit of having your oil changed by a professional reduces the risk that something might occur in your garage, or your car! Auto technicians are educated to complete oil changes in a safe manner. They’re less likely to make mistakes , like applying the wrong oil or not noticing leaks.

If your diesel vehicle or truck is due for changing the oil, we’re able to assist.

Give your car an affordable oil change at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care. There are many stores that have extended hours and are available on Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule.


While you could save some money by replacing your diesel oil at home, you’ll not get your time back by playing Mr. and Ms. Fix-It.

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