Delta Ecopod

The Delta ECOPOD is an advanced wastewater treatment system that offers a range of products that are easy to use, simple to install, low-maintenance, and highly effective at reducing nitrogen, BOD, or TSS levels. The ECOPOD can handle 500 to 1,500 gallons of residential wastewater per day. The Diamond Tank Ecopod-N is an on-site treatment system for nitrogen reduction. The technology has been evaluated under Standard 40 & 245 by ANSI/NSF International**. It achieved an average nitrogen reduction greater than 50%. It exceeds Class 1 standards for effluent quality.

The Delta Treatment Systems ECOPODD-D Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units have treatment capacities of 1,500 to 100,000 GPD in pre-engineered plants. These units can be used for either commercial or decentralized wastewater treatment. According to the manufacturer, the ECOPODD-D technology passed ANSI/NSF International’s Standard 245 and has an average effluent quality at 6 mg/L BOD5 or 8 mg/L SSS. The ECOPOD-D does not require any inner tank filters, screens, or diffusers for service. It is ideal for small communities, rural communities and schools.

Delta Ecopod Advanced Wastewater Treatment Unit Features:

* The system is supplied with oxygen, which allows the bacteria to grow and thrive in greater numbers than they would naturally. This “overpopulation of bacteria” speeds up the process of * sewage dissolution, making it safe to release into the environment.

* The ECOPODN units dramatically reduce BOD, TSS and nutrients in wastewater.

* Both nitrification and demitrification can occur in one tank.

Fixed-film is a stable, reliable, and durable process. Fixed-film is the preferred treatment method for onsite wastewater treatment plants.

The Delta Ecopod’s Benefits

Sometimes, it can be difficult to design or install an onsite wastewater treatment system in a single-family home. If a traditional septic system is not possible to install, an advanced treatment system such as the Delta ECOPOD series must be considered.

The delta ecopod is an advanced wastewater treatment system that offers a range of products that are easy to use, simple in design, low maintenance and highly effective at reducing nitrogen, BOD and TSS levels. For residential septic systems, the ECOPOD can treat 500 gallons to 1,500 gallons daily.

Infiltrator Water Technologies’ wholly-owned subsidiary Delta Treatment Systems LLC is Delta Treatment Systems LLC. With more than 25 years experience in engineering design, technical expertise, and quality-controlled products, the company offers a range of product lines that can be used to meet various residential and commercial system requirements. Infiltrator Water Technologies leads the industry in onsite wastewater treatment. Infiltrator Water Technologies manufactures innovative products that are more environmentally friendly than traditional pipe leach fields and concrete septic system components. Wholesale distribution is available in the United States and Canada for all of the company’s products. Infiltrator Water Technologies has a reputation for being a leader in environmental recycling and stewardship. Infiltrator Water Technologies is ISO 9001 certified and has manufacturing facilities that are committed to resource conservation as well as sustainable wastewater management.

Delta ECOPOD Commercial Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units provide treatment capacities of 1,500 to 250,000 Gallons per Day in pre-engineered plants for commercial and decentralized wastewater treatment.

What is the Delta Ecopod?

The Delta ECOPOD is intended to be installed in a standard septic system such as one of our IM series tanks. The diagram below shows the treatment process for a Delta ECOPOD installed in an IM-1060 septic.

A. The primary tank is filled with wastewater

B. Nitrification occurs in the aerated media area

C. Denitrification occurs after the anoxic zone has been completely mixed.

D. The effluent is discharged to the dispersal systems via the discharge assembly

There Are Many Reasons For Property Owners And Septic Tank Installers To Use Ecopod-N From Diamond Tank

  • There are no inner tank filters, screens, or diffusers that need to be serviced.
  • Patented, non-clogging air delivery system
  • Remote mount air compressor.
  • Diamond Tank can come with either concrete or fiberglass septic tank.
  • Diamond Tank can help you with the specifications that best suit your property.
  • Over a decade of experience in Alberta’s wastewater and septic industry.
  • Easy to Install, pre-engineered
  • It requires a smaller leach area than standard septic systems.
  • It is far more eco-friendly than traditional septic tanks.
  • Standard septic systems require less maintenance and have a longer service life.

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