cylinder head resurfacing cost

Over time, the moving components of a car engine (pistons) generate friction that wears down the cylinders and causes engine failure.

Fortunately, replacing the cylinder heads on a regular basis can prevent this catastrophe while still maintaining your engine within normal operating parameters. The cost of cylinder head resurfacing varies based on the engine’s build, but it might reach up to $700.

How much do machine shops charge to resurface heads and valves on average?

For a typical “shave and seal”, I’d expect $150-$200 depending on the head and the number of valves.. Basically, that would entail cleaning the head, resurface the deck, and clean and re-seat all the valves.. If any valves, seats, springs, etc need to be replaced, there will be additional charges.

Is it necessary to bring the camshafts when you take the head of an engine into a machine shop to have it milled and get a valve job?

During milling, the cams should be tensioned to the specified torque in order to assure a flat head. You could slightly adjust the casting after it’s been flattened when replacing the cams if they mill it flat without tightening it to specs.

Signs That Your Car’s Cylinder Heads Need Resurfacing:>

Car engine cylinder heads are generally quite durable. You don’t need to be worried about them because regular engine maintenance will keep them smooth and leak-free. As a result, you should only resurface them if they are damaged. As a result, recognizing the indications of damaged cylinder heads can be quite beneficial.

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