1. No Sew Fabric Pumpkins – Upcycle Your Old Shirts and Sweaters

 If you have any old shirts, sweaters, or come across a cheap yard sale find, this is a brilliant way to upcycle the fabric into these cute and festive fall pumpkins.  Here’s how!

Check it here.

2. Cardboard Tube Scarecrow

I made this several years ago out of a paper towel cardboard tube, some felt and a mini straw hat. It’s a fun fall craft for kids and is easy to make. No patterns needed!

I used hot glue, however you could easily use instant grab glue or just wait a little longer and use white craft glue.

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 3. A fun fall leaf craft

Who’s looking to get crafty this fall? We sure are, and we love trying new fall craft ideas for kids. The autumn colours, the leaves, and the scents and smells put us in the mood for the season.

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4. Fall Kid Crafts Apple Kid Crafts

Create this mosaic apple kid craft with a little paper and glue for some fall fun. I love the taste of crisp fresh apples.

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5. washi Tape Fall Trees

My girls are obsessed with washi tape.  They love using it to decorate all their artwork and projects.  We put their collection to good use this week when we made these Washi Tape Fall Trees

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6. Spider Web Craft for Kids for Halloween Using Yarn

They’re super easy to make and make the perfect Halloween decorations for your home or classroom. This post contains affiliate links.

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7. Fall Crafts For Kids

There are so many great ideas! Which one would you try first?

Fall Crafts for Kids - Leaf People Fall Craft

Click it here.

8. Leaf People Fall Craft

Leaf People Fall Craft via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fall Crafts for Kids - Paper Sticky Wall Fall Tree

Click it here.

9. Curly Paper Pumpkin Craft

Curly Paper Pumpkin Craft via Meaningful Mama

Fall Crafts for Kids - Pony Bead Pumpkins

Click it here.

10. Fall Leaf Painting

Fall Leaf Painting via Minne Mama

Fall Crafts for Kids - Leaf Suncatchers

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