Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper

Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper

Is your Nissan’s bumper showing signs of damage, such as cracks or scratches? Do you want to know Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper? If so, it’s time to consider replacing the Rear Bumper Cover. Not only does the Rear Bumper Cover provide an additional layer of protection to your Nissan Versa’s exterior, but it also elevates the overall style of your vehicle.

Nissan Altima Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

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Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper
Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper
CategoryDescriptionQuantityUnit CostTotal Cost
LaborRear Bumper Replacement and PaintingN/A9.2 hours$727.82
PartsBumper Cover1 cover$421.05$473.96
Paint Materials1 job$65.56$73.80
Disposal FeesProper handling and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of used fluids, parts, etc.N/AN/A$21.85
Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper

Labor: Rear Bumper Replacement and Painting

To replace the rear bumper of a Nissan Versa and ensure it matches the existing body color, a comprehensive process is followed. This process involves several steps, such as removing grilles and other fittings secured to the rear bumper, taking off the wheel liner and other obstructing body components, and unbolting the old bumper from the bumper support. The new bumper cover is then installed, followed by the reinstallation of fasteners between the wheel well and the bumper, and the grilles or other components supported by the bumper. This labor-intensive task is estimated to take approximately 9.2 hours.

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Cost to Replace Nissan Versa Rear Bumper

Parts: Bumper Cover and Paint Materials

  • Bumper Cover: The replacement bumper cover for the Nissan Versa is made of impact-resistant plastic and comes with installation fittings and fasteners. It is primer-coated and ready to be painted. The cover is backed by a warranty of 1 year or more.
  • Paint Materials: This includes all the necessary materials for painting the new bumper cover to match the existing body color. It comprises surface preparation materials, paint masking material, abrasives, primer, paint, clear coat, and cleanup solvents.

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Cost Breakdown

  • Bumper Cover Cost: The cost of the new bumper cover, inclusive of installation fittings and fasteners, is $421.05, with a total of $473.96 after additional charges.
  • Paint Materials Cost: The paint materials required for the paint job, including surface preparation materials, masking material, abrasives, primer, paint, clear coat, and cleanup solvents, amount to $65.56, with a total of $73.80 after additional charges.
  • Disposal Fees: Proper handling and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of used fluids, parts, and materials incur a fee of $19.41, which amounts to $21.85 after additional charges.

Total Cost

The total cost for labor and parts for the rear bumper replacement and painting, including the bumper cover, paint materials, and disposal fees, is estimated to be $727.82 for labor and $520.61 for parts, resulting in a combined total of $1,248.43.

Certainly! Here’s the information structured into paragraphs with headings:

Understanding the Rear Bumper Cover

It’s essential to clarify that a bumper and a Rear Bumper Cover are distinct components. The Rear Bumper Cover is designed to be installed on top of the bumper. Together, these parts play a crucial role in dispersing energy and mitigating the impact of a collision. Acting as a barrier between your Nissan and external objects, these components help safeguard you, your passengers, and the vital internal elements of your vehicle.

Wear and Tear on the Rear Bumper Cover

Over the years, your Nissan’s Rear Bumper Cover is exposed to significant wear and tear, leading to a loss of its original luster. It can accumulate scratches, chips, or dents from various sources, including rocks and road debris. Opting for a brand new Rear Bumper Cover is a quick and effective way to refresh the appearance of your Nissan and bid farewell to unsightly exterior marks.

Purpose and Limitations of the Rear Bumper Cover

While a Rear Bumper Cover can absorb minor impacts, it’s important to understand that it’s not designed to withstand significant collisions. That primary role belongs to your vehicle’s bumper. The Rear Bumper Cover is crafted to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your Nissan, providing it with a sleek, polished, and brand-new look.

Replacing the Rear Bumper Cover

When you need to replace your vehicle’s Rear Bumper Cover, consider shopping for genuine OEM Body, Interior, and Trim parts online. Rest assured that part number HEM229KM0J was precisely engineered for your specific vehicle. Explore genuine Nissan Body, Interior, and Trim parts, including the Rear Bumper Cover, to maintain the exceptional level of performance and handling you expect from your Nissan.


This Rear Bumper Cover is compatible with Nissan Versa models from 2015 to 2017.

Q: How much does it generally cost to replace a rear bumper on a Nissan Versa?
A: Well, the cost can vary based on several factors like the extent of damage, the model year of your Nissan Versa, and whether you choose an OEM or aftermarket bumper. On average, though, you might be looking at a few hundred to over a thousand dollars for the replacement.

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