Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Front Bumper

“Hello there! Today, we’re diving into the world of Nissan Altima front bumper replacements. I am really sorry that your Nissan Altima needs replacement. Whether you’re facing an unexpected repair or planning an upgrade, understanding the costs and factors involved is essential. We’ll explore the price range, factors influencing the cost, and what to consider when replacing the front bumper of your Nissan Altima. Let’s get started!”

Nissan Altima Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

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Nissan Altima front bumper replacement could range

Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Front Bumper
Nissan Altima front bumper replacement could range

Cost Estimate Table:

Below is a rough estimate of costs for the replacement parts needed for the Nissan Altima front bumper replacement:

PartEstimated Cost (USD)
Front Bumper$100 – $500
Grille$30 – $150
Splash Shield$20 – $100
Fasteners and Clips$10 – $50
Fog Lights (if needed)$30 – $150 each
Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Front Bumper

“It’s unfortunate to hear about your situation. Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Front Bumper could range anywhere from $100 to $2,000 or more. Several factors influence the cost of replacing your Nissan Altima’s front bumper:

  1. Labor Costs: The cost of labor will depend on your location.
  2. Type of Bumper: Whether you choose an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or an aftermarket bumper.
  3. Bumper Materials: The materials of the bumper will impact the cost.
  4. Painting: If the new bumper needs to be painted to match the rest of your Nissan Altima.
  5. Insurance Coverage: Your insurance coverage may help cover some costs, so reviewing your policy is important.

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Nissan Altima front bumper replacement, the steps, and costs

For the labor involved in replacing the Nissan Altima front bumper, the steps and costs are as follows:

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  • Labor (Replace Nissan Altima Front Bumper):
  • Tasks include painting the bumper cover to match the existing paint, removing grilles and other fittings attached to the bumper, removing wheel liner and other body components obstructing access to bumper rivets, unbolting the bumper from the support, installing the new bumper cover, and reinstalling fasteners and grilles.
  • Time: 7.8 hours
  • Cost: $605.16 – $682.00
  • Parts (Bumper Cover):
  • New plastic bumper cover that’s impact-resistant and comes with installation fittings and fasteners.
  • Primer coated and ready for painting.
  • Warranty: 1+ year
  • Quantity: 1 cover
  • Cost: $421.05 – $473.96
  • Parts (Paint Materials):
  • Includes surface preparation materials, paint masking material, abrasives, primer, paint, clear coat, and cleanup solvents.
  • Quantity: Materials for 1 job
  • Cost: $65.56 – $73.80
  • Disposal Fees:
  • Fees for proper handling, environmentally responsible disposal, and recycling of used fluids, parts, and materials.
  • Cost: $19.41 – $21.85″

Here is some additional summary of information I fetched from discussion on Nissan forums:

  1. Sinister: $350-375 for the bumper and grill replacement/repair.
  2. VV: $600, factoring in labor, paint, and bumper replacement.
  3. TriniTuner: Suggested looking into eBay listings where painted front bumpers for the Altima were available for around $500.
  4. TA^Guy: Mentioned finding front bumpers on eBay for about $75, with the need for painting to match the color.
  5. mousehouse2: Shared a personal experience of purchasing a painted front bumper on eBay for $260, significantly cheaper than a quoted price of $680.

In summary, the estimated cost for a replacement or repair of the fro

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or need additional assistance!

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