Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Ac Compressor

The average cost for a Nissan Altima AC Compressor Replacement is between $200 and $1,200 depends on what is the model and the type of repair is. This article is all about Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Ac Compressor.

FactorEstimated Cost Range ($)
Aftermarket AC Compressor200 – 500
Labor (2-4 hours)150 – 400
Refrigerant and Other Materials50 – 150
Total Estimated Cost400 – 1,050
Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Ac Compressor
Cost to Replace Nissan Altima Ac Compressor

2012 Nissan Altima in Texas (TX 77406)

Looking at getting the AC compressor replaced for a 2012 Nissan Altima in Texas? You’re looking at an average cost of $937 to $1,145. That’s including a bit extra, around $10 to $15 more than the base estimate, for a smoother experience. Keep in mind, RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing, making the process hassle-free, whether you drop it off or have their mechanics come to you.

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2017 Nissan Altima in Nevada (NV 89117)

In Nevada, for a 2017 Nissan Altima, the AC compressor replacement can cost you around $906 to $1,108. Adding a bit more for convenience, that’s including an additional $10 to $15 to the estimate. RepairSmith offers flexible options, so you can drop off your car or opt for the convenience of having their Delivery mechanics come to your location.

Note: Due to a lack of specific data for each vehicle, some of the details in the paragraphs are assumed and generalized.

How does the AC compressor work?
The serpentine belt or drive belt operates the AC compressor, enabling it to pressurize refrigerant and circulate it throughout the system. The compressor utilizes check valves and various moving components to facilitate the one-direction flow of refrigerant.

What are the symptoms associated with a faulty AC compressor?
When the compressor malfunctions, the primary symptom is warm air coming from the vents. Additionally, you may hear a squealing or grinding noise from the compressor indicating mechanical failure.

Can I drive with an issue in the AC compressor?
In most situations, it is safe to drive a vehicle with a malfunctioning air conditioning compressor. However, if you hear grinding noises from the compressor pulley, it might imply bearing failure, potentially leading to the serpentine belt coming off. If this occurs, the battery warning light will illuminate, and the engine may stall due to a lack of electrical power.

How frequently should AC compressors be replaced?
Air conditioning compressor failure is common due to factors such as moisture or clogs in the system, placing stress on the compressor. Compressor clutch failure is more prevalent in older vehicles. Generally, AC compressors tend to fail after around 60,000 to 70,000 miles, although this can vary based on usage, demand, and operating conditions.

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