Cost to Replace A Laptop Keyboard

The laptop has become an integral part of everyday life. In the event of damage, however, laptops can still be used for essential tasks such as presentation preparation and business projects.

It is possible to do this on your own, or with professional help. If you do it yourself, expect to spend between $40-$80. You will need to buy a new keyboard and pay for the services of a technician. This will usually cost twice as much. The average cost of keyboard repairs was $70 to $200 according to two thousand twenty-two statistics.

Cost to replace

According to statistics 2022, the average cost of replacing a laptop keyboard ranges from $70 to $200. An average technician will charge between $60 and $ 70 an hour.

The cost of doing it yourself will cut down to half. This will cost you between $40 and $80. The cost of replacing a keyboard varies by brand.

A brand’s lowest price is $60 to $120. The most well-known brand will be around $550 to $1400.

The cost of replacing your laptop keyboard depends on several factors

Here are five factors that could affect the price of replacing a laptop’s keyboard.

Warranty Status

If your warranty is still valid, it’s worth contacting the manufacturer to have the laptop keyboard repaired. During the first year, some manufacturers offer low-cost or free repairs.

Your Laptop’s Condition

It shouldn’t cost much to replace your keyboard if it hasn’t damaged any other parts of the laptop. However, replacing an old keyboard that has damaged other parts of your laptop will increase the cost.

The shop’s location

Another factor that influences the cost of a laptop keyboard replacement is where it is located. Laptop keyboard repairs in cities will cost more than those done in the suburbs. Because they are in smaller areas, some shops offer lower prices.

Laptop age

It is important to consider the age of your laptop when determining how much it will cost you to replace your broken keyboard. Let’s say you own a premium model, but it was purchased less than two decades ago. The manufacturer might still offer free repairs in this case since electronic devices are typically designed to last for a long time.

Model Number

The make and model number of your laptop will dictate the type of replacement keyboard that you should order. While some laptops have a standard QWERTY keyboard layout, others may have extra keys or specialized functions such as multimedia function keys. The more complicated or unique the keyboard is, the more costly it will cost to replace.

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