Cost To Replace A Headlight Assembly [Beginners’s Car Guide]

You’ll need to take it to an auto shop to replace the headlight assembly. The cost will be between $200 and $900. Most aftermarket auto parts shops say that replacing one high-intensity discharge lamp can run $50, while the total cost of replacing the headlight assembly is $200 to $600.

Cost should always be your first consideration, whether you are replacing your headlights due to damage or upgrading your car accessories to improve visibility. You shouldn’t just go for low prices. It’s not worth it to buy a poor-quality or non-matching headlamp assembly. To avoid paying unnecessary replacement costs for headlight assemblies, please review the following information.

Headlight Assembly

Headlight assembly refers to your headlight and bulb. Headlight assemblies are usually made of plastic. Your headlight bulb is also included in your headlight assembly.

If you want to save some money, you could reuse your old bulbs for your new headlights.

Headlight Assembly Labour

Depending on your vehicle’s year, make and model, you will need the right type of headlight assembly. There are two types of headlights: composite and sealed beam. You can also shop by vehicle to find the right type of headlight for your car.

Part costs

The cost of replacing a headlight assembly depends on the vehicle and type of lighting system (Halogen or HID, LED). The headlight assembly replacement cost for vehicles equipped with HID lights or LED lights is significantly higher than that of vehicles equipped with simple halogen lamps. The most common mistake in replacing a headlight assembly with HID or LED lights is a shot bulb.

Headlight Bulb

It might be worth replacing your headlight bulb first. You may have a damaged or wet headlight bulb. It will take different steps depending on the vehicle you have.

Find Your Headlight Assembly

The cost of replacing a headlight assembly is determined by both the price for the model you have and the labor cost. Headlamp replacements will cost more if you use xenon lamps and led strips. Replacement costs for halogen bulbs will usually be lower than for xenon bulbs. Do-it-yourself repairs will often be half the price of regular repair. It is a good idea to compare the performance and prices of several headlight assemblies online before you choose a reliable supplier.

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