Cost to Replace A Gas Gauge [Beginners’s Car Guide]

Your gauge might begin to show empty signs after filling up, or it may fluctuate between full and empty after a long commute. No matter what the reason, your gauge will need to be fixed if it becomes unresponsive. What is the cost of repairing a gas gauge? How can you find signs? We have all the details.

My first encounter with a faulty fuel gauge was while driving across the Florida Keys bridge. It was 7 miles long. This bridge is very long, and if anyone has ever been to the Keys they will tell you that it is only a two-lane road. There is no emergency lane. It is not easy to deal with the crazy South Florida drivers who tow their boats. This bridge is not recommended.

Average cost of fixing a gas gauge

You can expect to pay between $200 and $300 for labor to have your gauge repaired by a shop if you purchase the gauge yourself. A dealer will charge you more depending on your vehicle’s make and model.


The issue will determine the cost. A new fuse can fix the problem for $10, while a replacement fuel gauge sender can cost as much as $800. It all depends. Here’s a breakdown of common parts that need to be replaced and their costs.

Cost of replacing the Fuel Gauge Fuse

The fuse is another replacement part that can be used to fix your fuel gauge. It is easy and inexpensive to replace. The average cost to replace a fuse is $10-20, but specialty fuses can cost up to $100.

Fuel Gauge Sender Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing the fuel gauge sender will vary depending on which car you drive and how complicated it is to install. You can repair the fuel gauge sender yourself if you have the tools and are mechanically skilled.

A fuel gauge sender replacement cost is approximately $800 to $1,000. A gas gauge sensor can be replaced with parts for $. The labor cost is approximately $150 to $200.

On average, parts can run from $80 to $400. Labor, which is relatively simple, can run from $80 up to $250. Most likely, the technician will need to replace the fuel pump. This is because the level sensor often requires it to be removed.

650 to $800

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