Cost To Replace A Bumper [Beginners’s Car Guide]

Sometimes the damage isn’t so severe that it’s possible to have the bumper(s), if necessary, repaired. In most cases, however, it is better to have the bumper(s) replaced completely. What will it cost? Front bumpers are more expensive than rear ones? How much do different auto shops/mechanics charge? Are there additional fees? All the details are right here.

Repair costs for bumpers will vary depending on

  • The extent of the damage
  • The year, make, and model of the vehicle
  • The bumper material

Nissan Altima Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal (PDR), is a technique that uses specialized tools to remove dents from the surface of paint. Although this option is more affordable and faster than traditional dent repairs, it’s not the best for damage to the paint or surface. Plastic bumpers that require more extensive buffing are not eligible for this option.

Traditional Dent Repair


  • While light scratches are usually quick fixes, deep scratches can result in paint chips that expose the bumper’s metal or other materials. Cash Cars Buyer lists scratch repairs ranging from $50 to $600.

Cracks, Holes, and Punctures

Repairs include filling cracks and sanding the area. Then, you will use adhesives to repair holes. Cash Cars Buyer estimates that the average cost of repairs is between $325- $425.

Replacement of Professional Bumpers

The average replacement cost is between $800 and 1.8K. The average cost of a replacement vehicle in the US is $800-1.8K, but most Americans pay less ($700-1.3K).

The price of a luxury vehicle, such as a Ferrari or Bugatti, can reach $4-5K. OEM bumpers tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts. Rear bumpers are usually more costly to replace than front bumpers (700-2K, vs. 500-1.55K). Here is a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to spend.

Here’s an overview of what the prices are at the top service centers if you live in a large city. These prices include both labor and parts. Midas, Your mechanic, and Mr. tire you get a 12-month warranty


The bumpers on your vehicle serve a specific purpose: they protect the most important parts of your vehicle from damage. The bumpers absorb most of the damage and impact from low-speed collisions, while the rest of the vehicle is unaffected. You don’t need to do major body repairs because they are designed to be broken. However, bumpers can sustain severe damage even from minor accidents.

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