Cost To Fix Chipped Paint On A Car [Easy Car Guide]

While chipped paint will not render your car undriveable, it is unpleasant to live with. You don’t see it as much as you do, so it makes you cringe every time you look at it. It’s not expensive to fix a chip in your paint.

It can be difficult to estimate the cost of paint damage because there are many factors that will affect it. You can expect to pay between $150 and $800 for your car’s paint repair. This is a significant margin. Let’s look at the most cost-impacting costs.

How to identify the various types of car scratches

Cars can be smashed from any direction. Every day, your vehicle is exposed to many hazards. There are three types of scratches that can occur to your vehicle. These types can be classified by how deep they penetrate your vehicle’s paint. The more severe the scratch is, the more expensive it will be to repair it. A simple buffing out will cost you less than Bondo or a complete paint job.

Once you have determined the type of damage, you can use the guide below to find out how much it will cost to repair it.

Extensive Damage

Mobile spray painting services may be an option if you have moderate damage to a vertical surface, such as a car door. You can use this service to repair multiple panels and will run you between $200-$400.

For minor damage:

You’ll be charged $150 to $250 for minor scratches, paint chips, and scrape repairs. For small scratches and chips, touch-ups are great. The cost of dent repair will be approximately $75 per panel.


Paint damage can be added to a dent. You’ll need to have the dent fixed before you paint. This will ensure that the paint job doesn’t get affected.

You have two options: taking your car to a body shop or fixing it yourself. So I have included both the DIY and body shop prices. A list of products and a brief description of the repair process will be included.

Residue and Scuff Marks

DIY cost: $10

The entire project will take only a few minutes. You will only need to purchase a 3M Adhesive Tar & wax Remover ($10).

Auto Body Shop Prices:

For removing the item, you might be charged anywhere from $50 to $70 at an auto shop.

Clear Coat Scratches

DIY cost: $20-30

You will need to complete the entire project in about 10-20 minutes. You will need 3M 2,000 grit Sandpaper ($10), Meguiar’s Rubbing Compound ($10) and Meguiar’s Polish ($10).

Auto Body Shop Prices: $150-300

The Body Shop doesn’t care about how deep the clear coat scratch is. They will charge you full price. This repair does not include paint touch-ups.

Paint scratches

DIY Cost: $50-$65

You can finish this project in as little as 10 minutes to fix a small chip or as long as you need to do a larger job. You will need a pack of sandpaper ($5) and primer ($5-8), touch up paint ($15-20), clear coat ($5-8), Meguiar’s Rubbing Compound ($10) and Meguiar’s Polish ($10).

Auto Body Shop Prices:

$400 – $1,000. A body shop will charge hundreds of dollars for small repairs, even if there is no painting required.

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