Cost To Convert Screened Porch To 3 Season Room

Screened-in porches are only used for a few days during the year. Therefore, they could easily transform into a multi-purpose sunroom. This major transformation brings many new options that include each one’s advantages and disadvantages. How much will it cost to turn a screened porch into an outdoor sunroom? Read on to learn more.

Four-Season Sunrooms

In this sunroom, you will have all the features that come with the three-season sunroom.

What Is The Cost To Convert Screened Porch Sunroom

In the average, the cost of the cost of converting a screen porch into sunroom costs between $100-$300 for each square foot. A room that is three seasons can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $50,000. Converting your screened-in porch into an all-season room could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000. Similar to any renovation project, the dimensions of the project, its scope, and the options you select affect the final price.

It is ideal to weigh the price against the potential to utilize the space more frequently and the quality of time you are spending in the area. Making improvements to the quality of living on your porch with screened in windows can improve the value of your house as well.

What is a Three Season Sunroom?

One of the downsides of an upgrade of a sunroom into an outdoor patio or porch is the absence of cooling and heating. If you add either of them it is possible to effectively utilize the space throughout the three seasons. If you include heating, you will be able to use the space in autumn winter, spring, and fall. A cooling system permits you to use the space during the summer, spring and winter.

Most people upgrade the enclosure’s windows also. By adding window units that are open, you could extend the seasons of use. A three-season sunroom remodel is more expensive than a normal sunroom renovation. In general, upgrades to a three-season sunroom are priced between $8,000 and $50,000, based on the scale and the complexity of the renovation

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Making Your Patio Into A Sunroom

The idea of converting your porch into a an additional sunroom has certain benefits and drawbacks. So, prior to making your final decision, be sure you take the time to thoroughly consider each of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the remodel

Incorporating a sunroom in your house, you’ll enjoy additional living space. Although a porch with a screen is considered to be a usable living space an enclosed space will guarantee that it can be used many times throughout the season.The renovation can be expensive. Many factors could affect the cost of the change, including the cost of the whole construction, the kind of windows you select as well as the quality of the finishes used in the area and so on.
With a sunroom you are protected from the elements. It keeps dirt and debris from the space. The porch is not usable during extreme winds, snow or rain blowing in This won’t happen if you have a sunroom that is enclosed.In warmer seasons, an glass walls of the room hold a lot of heat, making the room inaccessible.
Better windows that are able to be opened will allow you to utilize your home more frequently throughout the seasons.If you opt for no-opening windows, the sunroom can be transformed to a different room in your house. The space isn’t able to let you connect to the outside world.
When the weather is cold it is possible to use the sunroom as the glass enclosure would have captured enough warmth to keep the room warm. This can add value to the space that you have closed.Even if you shut the windows, your sunroom could not be warm enough during the winter seasons. If your porch faces towards the north, it may not get enough light that it is warm. So, it is important to be aware of the direction of your house when you are designing your sunroom remodel

3-Season Room A Cheap Sunroom Alternative

Did you know there’s an alternative to a four-season sunroom? It’s known as a 3-season room, or, for our company’s specific term, Porch Conversions. It’s exactly as it sounds like, it’s the conversion of your deck, porch, or any outdoor space that has doors and windows that transform it into a private sunroom paradise. It’s an affordable option as well as, in some cases, it’s even a four-season sunroom, and the quality is as great.

Four-Season Sunroom is a type of sunroom

which provides additional space. it is surrounded by windows made of glass with a roof, as well as frames. It is designed to function for the entire year, however depending on the design, this could not be the case.

3-Season Sunroom

A kind of sunroom extension that utilizes screened doors and windows that protect a patio, porch or deck. It can be used during the three seasons (or 4 depending the location you reside in) due to the fact that the rooms aren’t designed to be cooled or heated in the long run.

Cost-Effective Alternative

If you do take the time to study and understand the advantages of a three-season sunroom such as Porch Conversions can do for you, it could be within your budget! A four-season sunroom could cost in price from $30,000 to $70,000.

However, a three-season room’s cost can range between $10,000 and $70,000. Therefore, the costs can be quite similar, however there’s a possibility of that 10 million dollar variation.

The best time to use It

We are constantly talking about 3 seasons in our room. What are they? It’s suggested to use the sunroom during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Winter can be very rough in some states, and the sunrooms in particular aren’t built to be heated which is why it could become quite cold.

Where Can I Buy?

We may be biased but we do recommend that you order from us at Porch Conversions Let us be clear on the reason. We are proud to offer an option for a sunroom that is completely custom. We provide a range of vinyl, screen doors and color options making it truly your own creation, customized to your preferences.

Check out this video featuring our flex-vinyl glazing. This technology is patent-pending and lets you not be concerned about baseballs, golf balls or even hail damaging your glass. What do you have to be doing you The sunroom of your dreams is possible to realize by selecting Porch Conversions.

What Are The Costs Involved In Converting A Screened Porch To A Sunroom?

Determining the price to transform a porch that is screened into the sunroom can be a difficult task. The most efficient method of determining the costs in your local area is to identify various contractors and request them to submit a bid on the project. In general it is possible for the cost of each part of the work to be within these ranges.

Can I Create A Screened Porch Sunroom Conversion On My Own?

There’s an old saying that says nothing is impossible and that the impossible is only costing more. If you’re skilled in carpentry and are proficient in how to construct, you could be able to successfully complete your screened-in porch project. But, if the task involves electrical or plumbing it is possible to obtain permits for the project without a licensed plumber electrician. A reputable contractor can help make the job more efficient and, in some instances more affordable than DIY projects.

Do You Think It’s More Cost-Effective to Turn an Outdoor Porch into an Sunroom or even enclose it?

Improvements to your house is a method to boost its value home and make it more beneficial investment in the near future. A spacious and attractive backyard are a major draw for prospective buyers, and transforming your porch into an enclosed sunroom will boost worth of the house.

Benefits in the Long Run

Sunrooms are expected to yield around 72 percent resale value, as per That means for the example of a sunroom worth $72,000 homeowner can increase their investment by $51,840 on the cost of their house when they decide to sell. Also, enclosed porches may keep their value, particularly in the event that you perform most all the construction yourself.

Materials Costs

Frames made of steel or wood are strong and attractive alternatives to aluminum or plastic frames, and can add value to your house. They are also more expensive in the long run, especially when you choose to utilize costly woods such as red cedar. Carpeting or tile flooring can add hundreds or hundreds of thousands to your cost.

It is possible to invest between $5,000 and $80,000 in order to construct most sunrooms, which includes cost of construction and labor. Around $20,000 is an acceptable estimate for a quality project with modest dimensions and of a high-end design.

Is It Possible to Convert A Screened-in Patio Into A Sunroom?

If you transform your home’s screened in porch into a sunroom using glass panels, you’ll add the value and beauty to your house. Additionally, you get a stunning and inviting outdoor lounge space that you can relax in all year long.

Is It Possible To Enclose A Screened Porch?

Porch Enclosure Systems roll-up curtains will allow you to protect the outdoor area you want. 3. Protect Your Screened Patio With Roll-Up Curtains. If you’re interested to spend time outside while also protecting your furniture and other belongings You can protect your porch covered with roll-up curtains.

How Can You Transform A Screened Porch into a 4 Season Room?

  • Create a frame for the Walls.
  • Installation of Exterior Sheeting.
  • Make use of Tyvek Housewrap.
  • Installation of Windows along with Doors.
  • Apply Trimming the Exterior.
  • Take Old Screen Panels Off.
  • Installation of your Bottom Sill Plate.
  • Cover the window and door Frames.
  • Convert an existing porch into Space that is usable All Year Long

Do Porch Enclosures Add Value?

If you have an existing covered patio or porch think about enclosing it with either an enclosed sunroom or screen room that can boost the value of your house and keep your guests safe from pests.

How Long Do Screened-In Porches Last?

about six to approximately six to

So, in general how long do screen porches last? The standard average, which doesn’t consider the age of the materials, or the quality of the material used for frame and screen, suggests the lifespan of screened porches is six to eight years prior to they require repair.

How Often Do Screens Need To Be Replaced?

As time passes, screens for windows will become weak and get rusty. It also reduces the durability of your windows, as well as the curb appeal of your home. There isn’t an established time frame for window screens, but it is suggested that you replace windows at least every 10 years.

Simple Methods to Enclose A Porch

Certain elements of an enclosed patio can be accomplished with little expense or effort. Installing curtains, hanging hedges, or putting up latticework on the sides will help to create privacy and beauty without costing a fortune. These improvements may not be able to keep from bugs and weather however they could have a major impact on how your porch looks and feels.


In essence, the more frequently you plan to use your porch , the more typical you would like it to feel the more expensive the enclosure will cost. The screening of the porch of your home could cost as low as $600 or even $3,510, with the median costing 1 215 dollars (about $4.50 in square feet).

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