Cost To Build A House On Arizona

Arizona is well-known for its beautiful landscape, spectacular snowfall, Grand Canyon and great housing options. The square footage of your home will determine the average cost to build an Arizona house.

It costs $100 to build a house or apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. This is not including land and sitework. Get a better idea of the cost of your home-building project by visiting this link

Average cost to build your home in Arizona

For a 2,000-square foot home, the average Arizona home construction cost is $170,000 to $480,000. The price of a home can vary depending on its location, square footage, and customization, but it is generally easy to determine the cost per square foot. The average square foot cost in Arizona is $170.

The Cost of a House is Determined by Three Factors


Architecture is the second largest factor that affects Arizona’s housing costs. How you decide to build your house can have a significant impact on the housing market.

Semi-customization is another option that allows you to strike a great balance between your budget and your personal preferences.

Dimensions of the Land

Arizona’s cost of living is greatly affected by the size and location of the land you buy to build your house. You have many options for building a new home. These include buying land from a developer, building your own neighborhood, and building on land that has been cleared by a housing company.

Land Cost

The location of roads, shopping centers, and recreation areas is something homeowners need to consider when building their home. You should also consider the county and school district where your neighbourhood is located when determining how much you can expect to pay.

Finishing Material

The finishing material is a major factor to consider when determining the cost of a house in Arizona. This covers both exterior and interior finishes such as flooring, cabinetry, landscaping, interior design, parking, and more. It also includes kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.

per square foot cost

The most common way to calculate housing costs is per square foot. To calculate the cost per square foot, divide the house’s price by its square footage. If the house has a square footage of 2,000 feet and the price is $200,000, the cost per square foot would be $100.

To calculate the cost of construction per square foot in Arizona, you can also use our conversion chart.

  • Square feet to Square yards: Multiply feet by 0.11111 for yards
  • Square yards to square feet: Multiply yards by 9 for feet
  • Square feet to square metres: multiply feet by 0.092903 for meters
  • Square meters to square feet: Multiply meters by 10.76 for feet

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