Cost to Build a Commercial Layer Chicken House for 20,000 chickens

On average, a professionally built chicken coop will cost $650. The average cost of a chicken house is $180 to $8.800. Prices vary depending on the size of the coop, design, materials used, and how much work is required to prepare such as clearing land or removing tree stumps.

It’s a shed or farm building where female chickens (Layers), are kept to lay eggs. This chicken farm can produce small- to large-scale eggs depending on its size. You can build houses that can accommodate between 10,000 and 200,000 birds. This post is designed for 20,000-layer poultry.

Construction of a Commercial Layer Chicken House

Spread the love. Cost of building a commercial layer chicken house for 20,000 chickens. Owning a poultry farm can be an exciting and lucrative venture. It all depends on the design and materials used to build a commercial layer chicken home.

These are the main expenses that you will need to cover when you start a standard-sized poultry farm in the United States of America.

  1. The price for purchasing poultry medication and feed is $35,000.
  2. The initial 3-month operational cost (salaries, bill payments, etc.) is $60,000.
  3. Other expenses include stationery (500), and deposits for phone and utility (gas and sewer) ($6,500).
  4. The cost to build a standard poultry facility including the fencing is $200,000.
  5. Leasing large farms land is expensive at $200,000
  6. The cost of acquiring the necessary tools and equipment, including machines, hatchery, etc., is $100,000
  7. The cost of store equipment (cash registers, security, ventilation, signage, etc.) is $13,750
  8. Legal costs for obtaining licenses (Health department license, business license, and permits (Fire Department permit, Air and Water Pollution Control Permit, Sign Permit, et al), as well as accounting services (CRM, Payroll, and other software) – $15,000.
  9. The cost of acquiring the necessary tools and equipment, including machines, hatchery, etc., is $100,000

What is the cost to start a poultry farm in 2022?

Are you interested in starting a poultry farm? Do you need to know how much it will cost? Here is a breakdown of the estimated costs to start a poultry farming company. If you are looking to build a profitable poultry farm, then you need to do a costing analysis.

How to build a low-cost poultry house for rural farmers

Startup poultry farmers on a tight budget will need a low-cost poultry house. This article isn’t meant to tell farmers that poultry farming is not for the wealthy. In order to set up a poultry farm, it is necessary to pay a lot of capital and land costs. This cost can be reduced if you can. Avoid locating your farm in an urban area to reduce the cost of land.

This cage can be made by direct labor and costs only 20000 Naira. For a locally manufactured cage, it will cost you between 25000 and 30000 Naira. Ely Jay can be reached for information about the Procurement of farmland, Low-cost poultry pens, and Low-cost layers cage. I wish you profitable farming.

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