Cost To Build A Bridge [Easy Guide]

Bridges are an integral part of daily life. Bridges are used to cross rivers or other water bodies. It is essential to properly build a bridge in order to get the best out of it. After building a bridge, it is important to keep it in good condition.

A bridge can cost anywhere from $175 to $350 per square feet depending on the type and material. A beam bridge is constructed using steel girders as reinforcement. This bridge can also be called a girder bridge. This project cost $24. Craig Finley, the owner of Finley/McNary Engineering says bridge design is virtually non-existent. It would cost around PS1 billion to construct and $220 million annually to toll the road. Concrete I-beam bridges are available in a range of prices, from $100 per square feet to $400 per sq. foot. It is common to find 560 square feet.

Expected Costs for Building a Bridge

The average cost of a 20-foot fibre-reinforced plastic Truss Bridge is $10,000. This is an estimate of the average cost. To determine the final cost, you will need to consider all design considerations. The cost of bridges is broken down to cost per foot.

Total cost of a bridge

There are many expenses that go into building a bridge. It is possible to estimate the “ballpark price” for a bridge by analyzing a few key elements. Consider the cost of the materials used. The total material required for the bridge is calculated by calculating the volume of each member. The weight or amount of the material determines the cost of the material.

Last, you must consider administrative costs. The primary costs of constructing a bridge are:

  • Equipment
  • Investigation of soil and sites
  • Concrete
  • field engineer
  • Steel
  • design engineer

Cost of different types of bridge

Steel Bridge

Another common bridge is the steel bridge. A steel bridge is a good choice if you require a bridge that can carry heavier vehicles. This bridge can be crossed with any vehicle and is extremely durable. It is also quicker to construct, sometimes in one day. It will cost you between $120 to $160 to build a steel I beam bridge.

Precast culverts Bridge

A bridge over a creek can be quickly constructed using precast culverts. One improvement is to make it more capable of handling cars. It has been noted that culverts too small to allow the stream to flow under driveways have been found. If you don’t give the go-ahead, it’s unlikely that the effort will be worthwhile. Culverts can cost between $140 and $180 per square feet depending on their length and height.

Flatcar bridge

Flatcar bridges are simply repurposed trains cars. This seems like a great alternative. These cars are built to withstand heavy loads and can be modified with railings or wheel tracks or flooring to increase their utility. This type of bridge is easy to build and saves time. Flatcar bridges can be built for as little as $300 per square foot.

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